I Came, I Saw, I Shot / I tre che sconvolsero il West (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

I just saw this film again, it stars Frank Wolf, John Saxon, Antonio Sabato, Agata Flori, and Enzo Castellari directs it.

It’s a comedy, but even though I don’t like the comedy westerns in general this one works pretty well. I’m not saying that the film is great, but it sure isn’t bad either.

The plot revolves around a load of stolen cash that Wolf and Sabato robbed from a bank the three main characters are constantly trying to double cross each other.

When one of them manages to get his hands on the money and run for it, the two others will be hot on his heels.

All very straight forward and seen countless times before, but what makes this film worth a watch is how well the main characters are portrayed, that’s the real quality of this film.

Well portrayed characters in a Castellari film?
Never have seen one.

Here’s the database link anyway:


[quote=“stanton, post:2, topic:645”]Well portrayed characters in a Castellari film?
Never have seen one.[/quote]
You have a point there, but this one is an exception.

That being said Castellari is very thorough portraying the main characters in some of his crime films (High Crime and Street Law to name two)

I haven’t seen it, but it’s reputation is low.

I’ll give it a try if I can get the film somewhere.

[quote=“stanton, post:4, topic:645”]I haven’t seen it, but it’s reputation is low.

I’ll give it a try if I can get the film somewhere.[/quote]

StopGap DVD has ‘released’ it. A VHS-rip but at least it’s in OAR 2.35:1.

I wasn’t expecting to like it but it was quite ok i must say

I always think this film is a ‘porno’ film when I hear this title!

oh my:P could you please explain why?:stuck_out_tongue:

My mate always mentions this re this film’s title , and it always sticks in my head.

I have seen it meanwhile, and it’s one of these tongue in cheek SWs. Or maybe tanked with cheese.

The 1st 20 min are quite entertaining, then we are back in Castellari fistfight territory, then the funny dialogue (well, would be funny) starts, then some acrobatic jumping is added, then we have more fistfights, now with some silly slapstick here and there, then some more double crosses, some shootouts, and then for the end, as a massive change, a fistfight.

Wonderful film for fistfight fans. 3/10

Next step on my way to heaven will be Tedeum and Cry Onion. Now more than ever I can hardly wait to miss them.

[quote=“scherpschutter”]Cry Onion will beat everything, I can assure you that
I saw it in cinema more than thirty years ago, and am still not over it[/quote]

Haaaahaaaaaaa. I have a couple of Spaghetti comedies that I have had for a long time but not yet watched so I don’t know if I should get these. I am just about to pull the trigger and order I Came I Saw I Shot.
I think they show scenes from this movie in the short film Western Italian Style (1968). For that reason I’ve always wanted to see it.
Cry Onion seems to be so fantastically bad that it I have to see it. It’s a sickness.

This comedy sw starts promisingly enough with Edwin Keen(Frank Wolff) impersonating a minister in order to plant a stack of bibles, containing dynamite with a timed mechanism, onto a stagecoach transporting $400,000 .But while on route the stagecoach is unexpectedly held-up by Moses(Antonio Sabato) who steals the mailbag with the dynamite in it ,but narrowly avoids being blown up.As the stagecoach reaches its Springwood Bank destination,a gambler Clay(John Saxon) wins $130,000 on a poker table which he’s told to collect from the bank,however Moses with Keens help has broken into bank and made off with the loot.

Predictably what follows are a series of epidodes in which the three protagonists tussle over the money through series of solo escapes,alliances,double crosses.At one point Moses’s girlfriend Rosario(Agata Flori) pretends to be pregnant with the money bag and is nearly married off to Clay,but the movie badly runs out of puff halfway through and after a band of Mexican bandits get a sniff of the loot,it all sadly degenerates into one massed slapstick punch-up after the other,together with irritating fairground music.

Very tiresome,one of Castellari’s worst which i give 3 out of 10 ???

That’s right. We see Enzo G. Castellari on the set of this movie, still very young, giving instructions to his actors how to knock somebody to the ground.

Don’t hesitate to order the movie, it’s not that bad
It’s just not very good either, but if you like Enzo’s style a little (I do), you won’t feel too disappointed
The actors are quite good, actually

Cry Onion seems to be so fantastically bad that it I have to see it. It’s a sickness.

So appallingly bad that it beggars belief. But somehow i found it really entertaing,maybe it was the amusement of seeing Franco Nero’s cringeworthy role which is a million miles away from DJANGO. ;D

I’ve tried to watch it this afternoon but fell asleep… But not 'cause it’s sooo boring, the first thirty minutes aren’t bad ! Then I went to sleep, still weak and tired due to a terrible cold… I’ll watch the rest later on…

Does anybody have the Audiodubbed Version from the Italian DVD!!!

This is Castellari so no surprises that a better title would have been I Came, I Saw, I Had a Fistfight.

That being said, despite my aversion to over long fistfights and comedy westerns in general this wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared. It’s not good mind you. Just not as bad as I feared. The lead three are just fine and the thing romps along at a decent pace. It’s well shot and the stunts at times are very good. It’s shortcomings however, start to dominate as the film progresses and by the awful water polo finale I had lost the will to live. But this was the end after all so I didn’t have too much longer to suffer and I can honestly say I’ve seen much worse. I have to say though that Rustichelli’s music was painful throughout. As mentioned by others above, more fitting for a fairground ride than a movie. But then this is a Castellari comedy so…

Finally someone put into words how I felt, that ending has to be Castellari’s lowest point for me.

The version I watched was this one. Very nice quality actually.

really crap western with nothing at all inside to see