I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death / Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1969)

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Not a bad film, but a bit slow moving. the acting is bad

Yea, but the music is great and so is Kinski!

I thought the music was not good at all, and Kinski gave a performance not worth mentioning :wink:

I think Wolff was good

Oh dear, we have a major difference in opinion here! I do agree that Wolff as Buddy Ben was good though. The plot was definitely over complicated.

yeah I agree, but at the same time the plot was the only thing that made this film into some sort of Quality, take the plot away and it’s really a bad movie I think

I would agree that it is the weakest of the 4 Garko sartanas.

I also agree !!! Even though I like Garko and Kinski very much I must admit that this Sartana is the weakest of them all ! It’s cheap made etc. !!! The plot saves this one !!!

Which one do you think is th best one ?


Oh man, I disagree. This is my favorite Sartana film. Actually i’m not so big fan of Sartana films but this one works for me. Great roles by Kinski and Frank Wolff. Best of the series IMHO.

I’ve never cared so much about the plot of the Sartana movies. It’s the action and the characters what’s so great about them.

My favourite Sartana movie is definetely ‘Se incontri Sartana … prega per la tua morte’
(If you meet Sartana … pray for your death) !!!

The cast is great : Garko, Kinski, Berger

Atmosphere is just what I like !!! The plot is ok but everything around and about it just fits !!!

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[quote=“Musket, post:8, topic:241”]Which one do you think is th best one ?[/quote]my favourite is


On Imdb.com Angel of Death is rated the highest of all the Sartana films at 6.7. I was going to get the DVD but than I read here nobody likes it. What is to explain the descrepency between imdb user ratings and the opinion of forum members?

I thought it was really a great movie. Great cast, some nice action seqences, not a bad music. I found the plot to be too complicated and thanks to rather unclear audio in the version i was watching had some problems in keeeping up with it [and i had no such problems with the first Sartana movie]. 9/10

I love the Sartana movies & this one , along with If You Meet Sartana… , is one of the best ones.

Not enough of Kinski in this one, but a more prominent role than “If You Meet Sartana…”

I like the storyline but the music grates on my nerves.

Frank Woolf gives an excellent performance in his role of Buddy Ben, and Gordon Mitchell’s role is way to small.

4 Stars.

If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death.

i m with the hunchback above me

also light the fuse i really like but what em i talking about i like em all even the one with george hilton

I just watched this one…entertaining but Gordon Mitchell was in 2 short scenes…doh! I kept thinking he would have been the bogus Sartana.

Anyway pretty good movie and no boredom here…the typical Sartana entertainment. Thumbs up!

Le Nouveau Sartana est arrivé:



Great review scherp!

And thanks for mentioning me in it :wink: