I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death / Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1969)

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@sherp: nice review :slight_smile: but the German DVD has still the name: “Sartana, töten war sein täglich Brot” and not Django :wink:

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Sure, stupid mistake, already corrected it

T* H* A* N* K* S

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[quote=“Dillinger, post:20, topic:241”]Great review scherp!

And thanks for mentioning me in it ;)[/quote]

Yeah, fine, but I think what Scherp really wanted to write was Derringer!

And Scherp, say, what does the italian title translate to?

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[quote=“Stanton, post:23, topic:241”]Yeah, fine, but I think what Scherp really wanted to write was Derringer!

And Scherp, say, what does the italian title translate to?[/quote]

The Italian title says: I am Sartana, your grave-digger

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I think the camera work (apart from the horse and cart scene in Have a Good Funeral) and pace is the best of the series, and a gritty feel similar to Moment to Kill. This one had the most interesting story for me, without the confusion of the first film (though still confusing) and Kinski had a better role.

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I've been holding off on watching what Carnimeo did with this series because i liked the look and feel of the first one so much, i was afraid i would not like the sequels. I should'a watched it sooner.  :P
Though most SW's have some sort of mystery intertwined in thier story, this is the first one i've come across that is a full-fledged who-dunnit (i'm sure there are more). The Northwestern Bank has been robbed by someone pretending to be Sartana, and it's up to Sartana himself to find out who robbed the bank before one of the bounty hunters catch up with him and collect the $10,000 riding on his head. Thats really all you need to know about the story.
This film is chock-full of great action scenes and shootouts, with a bit of Carnimeo's penchant for gadgets. You get great performances from Garko, Kinski (as an effeminate gambler who always loses), Wolff and two all-too-short scenes with Gordon Mitchell.
I still like the atmosphere of IF YOU MEET SARTANA a bit more (it's in my top 10), but this is a very fun sequel that's not too very far behind in my opinion.

Fun Factor - 8/10

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I enjoyed this one a lot. It is definitely top 20 worthy for me. Absolutely a fun movie with lots of shoot outs and Garko being the bad Sartana he knows so well.

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I gave this a re-viewing and it still rocks. Checking the db page, I noticed that one Samson Burke was credited as judge’s henchman. At just over the 1:00 mark we meet Clem. He is a strapping lad who has a unique way of conducting a job interview. Sartana, of course, does not play fair and our boy winds up on the floor with a headache. This is a small uncredited role and comparing him to the pictures in the interview that Sherp found, it could very well be him. Maybe someone familiar with Samson’s bigger roles could offer an opinion? And just for kicks, regarding our recent Oklahoma John discussions, a similar type but the mysterious Rick Horn appears taller with a longer neck.

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so far of the 3 Sartana films i’ve watched, “If you meet Sartana”,“Have a good funeral” and this one it has been the weakest…i thought it was a little slow moving and i just didnt get into it as much as the others…though i did enjoy watching Klaus Kinski in this…he is always entertaining…

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Tempermentalist, I agree with you. Klaus Kinski is awesome in this but other from that I think its the weakest installment. I think you’ll like If you meet Sartana pray for your death.

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This is my second favorite, after IF YOU MEET SARTANA…

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Although it has a flat, shot-for-TV look to much of it, I still like this one for the long gun-blazing chase through town.
And for the music.
Not top twenty, but worth watching for sure.

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yeah i’ve already watched “if you meet sartana pray for your death”…i liked that one…and actually i wished kinski had a lil more screen time in that film…i love his little touches he has to his characters, like the little bell he has hanging from his spur in that particular film…i loved it…lol

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My favorite is Light the Fuse Sartana. Even though it doesn’t have any big stars like Kinski, its the most balanced film in the series.

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i will be watching “light the fuse…” tonight probably…heres hoping its better then “angel of death”…

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But it comes up with the great Piero Lulli!

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My 3rd favorite Sartana after Pray for your Death and Light the Fuse. I wish Garko and kinski did more together. You gotta love Buddy Ben!..Does anyone have the Franco Cleef version? Looks like its only a few minutes longer than the “cut” German DVD.

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Hello. Just wondering whats the best english-friendly releases of this film, Have a good funeral… and Light the fuse…?

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I always get confused about which Sartana film is which. Despite their different directors and their growing levels of self parody, they still manage to meld into one humogenous lump - probably due to the convoluted story lines, that confuse as much as entertain.
But, it was entertainment I was after for last night’s spaghetti excersion, and that’s what I got. I now know more what to expect from the franchise, and probably got more out of it this time - than the last time I saw it and probably expected more.

I still wouldn’t count myself as a huge fan of Sartana - but this offering isn’t as silly as some - and Garko is great, and the story ain’t so bad - jus’ (overly) confusing.
Everybody and his brother (literally) are wrapped up in the nefarious silliness that ties together some good action and intriguing cameo set pieces (paticularly with Kinski and Mitchell) - which is what makes the film work for me.

I was thrilled to see one of my faves, Frederico Boido, appear - but only to be dispatched just as quickly (or so I thought). Then Jeff’s* ugly mug appears and all is well again in spaghettiland - 'scept that he takes an age to reappear - in which time Fred’s had a chance to live and die yet again (oh joy)!
Frank Wolff’s character Buddy Ben, suits him perfectly in this - and Kinski’s great in his hammy, cameo roles - but his appearance, along with a reappearence of a pocket watch as a device (first film?), and the introduction of a church organ, all help in the Sartana-meld that I, amongst others (I’m sure), experience.

Unlike others tho’, I can’t say with any certainty which is my favorite - they all seem to be 3 star-ish to me … enjoyable romps that hit the right spot if you’re pre-armed to their shortcomings (which this time around, I am).

It was the Sartana : The Complete Saga (VideoAsia) cheapo boxset that I watched this time. I can’t remember what my version of old was, but this was pretty good widescreen quality - and is great value for money.

As I said - 3 outa 5.

Edit (* When I say Jeff - I mean Gordon - told you I was confused :P)

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I’ve re-watched this flick during this week. I actually didn’t remember how chaotic are the camera movements. The film is alright, perhaps better than the first one, but still lacks on proper locations. It seems to be filmed in the same sets than its predecessor, which is not that cool. Really cool is the Kinski role. Emanuel wrote a review of it, here: http://por-um-punhado-de-euros.blogspot.com/2010/11/sono-sartana-il-vostro-becchino-1969.html