How you can make this site great

Hello everyone.
The site is merely a week old and we already have almost 20 members. That’s a good sign. The website is still young and much will change I think. I launched this project out of love for Italian westerns and out of necessity. I haven’t come across one really outstanding website on the subject yet and I plan to change that. WITH YOUR HELP


  • You can spread the word! Every additional member, contributor or just visitor is a step forward. The more people contribute or discuss, the more information will flow and the better the quality will be
  • You can add your suggestions, corrections and information you know about spaghetti westerns either directly to the sites or post them here and I’ll add them
  • You can write lenghty articles, reviews, dvd reviews, guides or short reviews for the site. Of course with your name on it!
  • You can link to this site on your own website, in signatures of other message boards you visit or in chat rooms

Please help us make this site great. It’s free, and it’s fun! A spaghetti western haven for spaghetti western fans by spaghetti western fans. All I do is take care of things to work. Everything else comes from the community.

I have a sggestion. The layout needs to be of more coulours, it’s mainly white and i think it’d benifit if you put in a few more coulours, to make certain things standout.

Also, since i’m guessing most people that will come here are going to be america. It seems to european at the moment. Just a few siuggestions. But i’m just glad a site dedicated to the greatest genre in the world actually exists :slight_smile:

for example? its all in english! and i dont know good american DVD news sites that do research on spaghetti releases

Just the genral feel really, also. For some who don’t know the names in itallian, maybe in brackets next to the name. You could put it in english.

the alternate titles are there. you’ll find them when you search for them and in the forum and anywhere else i usually provide alternate titles. i think thats not that big of a problem. besides, those are italian films :slight_smile:

Yeah, and I understand why there in there proppr name. I mean. People who come here are spaghetti western fans, and therefore know the original itallian names. But i was just saying that some of those who don’t may not understand.

I have a suggestion! Give them good old Tarantino forum members special privileges, for we are close friends to you.

hm… like what?

special members area where we destroy all non QT members :slight_smile:

[size=8pt]Just testing to see if this font comes out smaller… [/size]…I find most of the fonts far too big (unless there’s a way of changing the display of the posted messages which I haven’t found?)

might depend on your browser. what are you using? it’s actually quite small here, i am on firefox and a 1400s resolution

IE 6 and 1024 x 768.

I guess this means if I make the font smaller, it’s invisible to everyone else ;D

It’s big for me aswell. I have the same size browser as you.

i recommend switching to firefox anyway. or Opera

I think the site looks just fine, the way it is. It is anyways meant to be dispensing information about our favourite subject, doesnt really needs to be “Flashy” etc.

but publicity and lots of people working on it. but i think there’s already quite a number of people active and the site isn’t even a month old!

Yeah i totally agree that publicity is required, but “Word of mouth” is far far effective than spending money for it. What you can try is maybe swap banners with other fan sites or members who have there own web sites. I have already started spreading the word about this.

yeah i am doing lots of link exchange and taking part in other forums n stuff

I now added a new page which will list all films by their common (english, german whatever) titles. Please help expanding it.

I will also add an A-Z list of the original titles

Here’s the Common Titles page:

If you go to the main site, click BROWSE you’ll find a slightly redesigned Browse page with lots of nice links you might wanna check out (A to Z list anyone?? ) hehe