How Meny Versions Do You Have Of The Same SW?


It`s pretty sick collecting several versions of the same film, but thats the way it is.

I have 5 Different versions of: GOD FORGIVES I DON`T!

  1. Italian DVD uncut. in English. WS.
  2. Frensh DVD in Italian WS.
  3. Swedish DVD in English, Fullscreen
  4. Dutch DVD in English, WS.
  5. Swedish x-rental in Englisg with subs. WS.

But i would like to have one more a real Letterbox: 2:35. (non anamorphic)


Not bad.

I have a maximum of two versions of a few SWs. Mostly a TV-copy and a bought one, that came out after the TV-one was burned, like Navajo Joe from Koch.

I have 4 versions of OuTW

Paramount DVD
German theatrical (from TV)
Long German version (from TV)
Long Italian Version

The most versions I have from BOOT HILL :smiley:
Two versions of God forgives I don’t, Companeros, SILVER SADDLE and Il Ritorno di Ringo. I had several TV version of SW but when I got the DVD in better Quality and UNCUT I deleted them. :wink:

I have four versions of A Pistol For Ringo:

SPO version.
Re-release Japan issue.
Koch Media.
Fan dvd from the French disc.

This is enough on this film I think.

Counting just original DVDs or Blu-Rays I think I have six of My Name Is Nobody and Trinity Is Still My Name. Maybe five for both Leone’s FOD and FAFDM. Four of Nobody is the Greatest and the first Trinity.
And lots of titles with three different releases.

TV recordings and such would raise the numbers for many.

It’s funny how it’s not always one you even like that much. I have two copies of Faccia a Faccia which is my least favorite of the Sollima trilogy.

I bought the French release (which has really good picture quality btw) and thought maybe I’d like it more if I could hear Milian speaking English so I bought the Japanese release. Alas, I’m still not overly enamored with it. The irony is, if Koch put English audio on their re-release like they did with Run Man Run, I’ll probably by a third version.

[quote=“Stanton, post:3, topic:1792”]Long German version (from TV)
Long Italian Version[/quote]

What’s the difference between these if any? I have the long Italian one so know how that differs from the Paramount release.

(P.S. I’m assuming you’re the same Stanton over at SLWB?)

I’ve got 2 ifferent version of Matalo, Shoot the Living…, and Cemetery Without Crosses.

Wil East

Cheap Renegae Gun

German release

I have multiple versions of many, but besides the English versions it’s mostly Spanish or Italian (ripped) TV recordings, sometimes a German DVD.

obviously the wrong genre, but I do have 7 versions of the Italian war movie The War Devils, and 6 of Heroes Without Glory, another Italian war movie. :o

[quote=“Novecento, post:8, topic:1792”]What’s the difference between these if any? I have the long Italian one so know how that differs from the Paramount release.

(P.S. I’m assuming you’re the same Stanton over at SLWB?)[/quote]

Same version, only with the German dub. Interesting for Germans as they skipped a few classic lines which were invented for the German version. I call them classic, as they are so great that it is hard to believe they are not from Leone.

(Yes I am)

I think I have maximum of 3 versions of few films

Massacre Time
-bootleg dvd
-Italian dvd (as a dvd-r)

God Forgives… I don’t
-Dutch dvd
-Danish dvd
-fan dubbeb dvd-r

maybe some others too.

I got 3 versions of Bullet for the General

Koch dvd
Australian dvd (rip of the BU dvd)
Blue Underground

The Rev has a fair few versions of A Hole In The Forehead ;D .

Not that many Ennioo…

  1. A very (very) poor vid copy complete with burnholes (that I saw and caused me to start a thread about this jolly good film).
  2. A better quality tv copy from Stanton (but German language only).
  3. The great quality limited edition NEW release (German language/poor English subs).
  4. Fandubbed version - NEW visuals/poor sound, but in English.
  5. Cleaned up sound version (autephex’s?) of above.
  6. Wild East version (bought really as upgrade for Tequila Joe).

Are there any versions I still need to get? :wink:

Lets hope not :wink: .

I have one with a Chinese dub with Hebrew subs. Fantastic experience, even if the voice of Ghidra is a bit annoying.

Sounds a rare version :wink: .

A while ago, I got yet another version of Matalo.

Well I do seem to have four different versions of More Dollars for the MacGregors ??? .