How Many Videos and DVDs Do You Own?

I have around 300 DVD’s. All of my DVD’s I rip into AVI file & watch them on my TV. I also rip movies my neighbor gets or stuff from netflix (is netflix world wide?/pay $10 a month, they mail you movies, send them back, they send you more from a list?). In total I have around 3,000 all available to me at the touch of a button (talk about decisions). Complete Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Monty Python’s Flying Circus series to name a few along with all my SW’s, Kung-Fu, Horror & Crime Drama’s.

Yeah, it did sound a bit that way didn’t it! Thing is, a few years ago she got a bit obsessed with TBG and wanted it on all the time. I love the film but i don’t want to watch it every day… :smiley:

I used to watch Titanic everyday. When I was like 5!

I feel old!

You are. Don’t worry. It’s not just you.

Have ‘fun’ at school tomorrow. There’s only 285 days left until summer vacation.

Thats alot of viewing material for a man who works the shifts you do.

2 words for you ENNIOO…late…nights :slight_smile:

When people usually have only two words to say to me, they are normally different…


I bet you could name that tune in 2 letters

Yep…anyway I…I…Idiot …I toast my current beer to you .

I’m the one on the right :wink:

Just count bootleg DVDs seperatly and boxsets: count the DVDs inside. TV ones count as well.

Three words actually: Very… Late… Nights… :slight_smile:

When your collection reach a certain size I don’t think an exact couting in plausible any more. Or makes sense for that matter. Also it is the movies that count and not the discs.

My collection of Italian movies consists of something like 700 discs (14 shelves times 50), 300-400 VHS/Beta/Video 2000 casettes (probably closer to 300 than 400 but not below), and exactly (have them cataloged at 339 cd soundtrack releases.

I have a smaller number of non-Italian dvds floating around but who cares about those :slight_smile:

I haven’t included my dvdrs in the above but if needed would add a couple of hundred to the count.

What I ment was that when counting boxsets, count the films inside.

I too have given up trying to keep track of the total number of DVD and VHS I own… it’s a lot anyway.

According to my Film data base I have about … uups … 500 original DVDs in my collection. The complete list has 1338 entries. DVDs, DVD-Rs, VHS (mostly recorded from TV).

I have nearly 300 SW DVDs and DVD-Rs, with let’s say 250 different films.
For these 300 another ups.

I can see that my collection is tiny compared to the rest of you! :wink:

which means your bank account is larger than the rest of us. :smiley: