How Many Videos and DVDs Do You Own?

I thourght it would be quite interresting to see how large are video and DVD collections are. I have 202 videos (with no room to spare!), 30 DVDs and about ten bootleg DVDs. How many have you got?

Are we talking about SWs or DVDs in general?

about 214 DVDs and a fistful of videos.

enough to where i have no desire to attempt a count…

approx 230 dvd’s of which a sizeable proportion are horror and i would say SW’s are next in numbers.

This answer I can relate to.

DVDs and videos in general.

got so many dang movies that every time i decide to watch something, it takes me up to half an hour to decide what i’m going to watch… often, i find myself just sitting in front of my dvd bookshelf- staring blankly

Same here. I must have over fifty films I have yet to watch. Most of the time I just write down the names of the films I fancy viewing, close my eyes point a finger at one of the titles, open my eyes and watch that film I am pointing at.

Do bootlegs and burned copies count or are we only talking original retail here?

After I have viewed a film, I always choose my next film I am going to watch. This system will of course not work for everyone, but if I do not do this I find myself in a similar situation to you.

I have around a little over 100 hundred. Though most movies lately I watch are torrents.

Yeah i’m curious about this too… I have quite a few dvdr’s of films that aren’t out on dvd for instance. Also what about box sets of tv serials?

i say if you can watch it, it counts

God i know that situation! I’m terrible at picking stuff. I tend to stick the kid on front of the cabinet and get her to pick one. Problem is she almost always goes for The Big Gundown or Light The Fuse, Sartana Is Coming!

Yeah i’d go for that…but would the box sets count as extra ???

per season is one disc each?

Yeah…guess that would be fair :smiley:

You say that like its a bad thing! :wink:

Almost always, Rif.

Thats like if I were at your house and you told me to pick something and I always picked Big Combo.