How many spags have you watched?

Some post in the top 20 topic got me to wondering how many spaghetti westerns each member has seen,i’ve seen close to one hundred, im just curious where i stand in relation to other members as a spaghetti connoisseur ;D

I count around 25 or so…however that is spread over several years. I am just now getting back into the genre and watching new flicks as well as watching my old faves.

The great thing about getting back into it now is that it is so much easier to watch and acquire new SWs…with the Internet and eBay. I am an eBay addict!!!

I’ve got about 80 DVD’s in my collection and maybe another 10 SW’s I’ve seen but don’t have copies of.

I’ve seen almost 250 spaghettis so far and I own 100 on dvd. I used to buy and trade lots of sw’s during past few years but (and don’t lynch me for saying this) I got little bored of them because I watched new sw every week. Now I’ve been getting into different genres as well but I still aim to buy all the new sw dvd releases if possible.

I have seen about 200, maybe some more. Most of them I’ve seen or reseen in the last 2 years, and I
would like to say that I’ve seen in these 2 years nearly every Spaghetti which could be labelled as interesting.
In the 20 years before I had seen about 30, the widely known ones (Leone, all of Corbucci, Sollima, Colizzi, Clucher, Damiani, Hossein, Questi, even Valerii).

Then I thought that there were only about a dozen which were interesting, which were better than average, and that 95% were awfully bad.
Now I think that there are about 50, maybe 70 which are worth watching a 2nd time (or more).

I own 107 on dvd and I would estimate that I have seen roughly 50 more so all in all around 150-160 sw’s. I have come to a point where I have purchased nearly almost all the sw’s thats worth getting so I concentrate on getting the new releases from Wild east, Koch media etc…
Since the speed with which sw’s are released can’t keep up with my appetite I recently began collecting Italian crime films and Giallos beside the sw’s.

I have around 100, though obviously not all of them are official releases, and i do have several versions of particular films. I have seen more on the tv, and did have some old vhs tapes which i’ve since got rid of for various reasons. The ones that i do buy, i tend to keep now, bcause even if the film is not that good, there is usually at least something that sparks my interest so they probably will be watched again at some point. When official dvd’s come out of stuff i have on dvd-r, then i will buy them but since my interests tend to lie more with slightly lesser known films, that doesn’t tend to happen much.

I voted 20 and then I thought about a little bit and it’s probably a little more than that.

I won’t be able to sit through 200 of these, though. The best ones are pure art, the worst ones can be beyond awful (or so I hear).

I have seen around 100, and I have in my collection about 80, mostly DVD and some VHS.

Haven’t seen hundreds of spaghettis, but I think that the bad ones are not so bad really, mostly just dull with nothing special about them.

Just bang-bang, horses, mexicans, and the Almerian landscape :wink:

Still the music is often very good, seldom bad, even in the boring spaghettis.

I’d say somewhere between 150 - 200.

I’ve got around 140 different (more or less officially released) spaghetti westerns… Have seen 157 different spaghetti westerns to be exact though… Number steadily increasing…

[quote author=New Brandon link=topic=633.msg9715#msg9715 date=1177387246

I won’t be able to sit through 200 of these, though. The best ones are pure art, the worst ones can be beyond awful (or so I hear).
[/quote]I agree, im begining to think ive seen all the truly good ones ,and there are some that just dont live up to thier reputation(strangers gundown,bullet for sandoval…) in my opinion. but hopefully there are still some gems out there to be found.

I’ve watched around 230 spags over the years and there’re still a few left I’d really like to watch !!! I’ve seen it all from ‘the best of the best’ to ‘it can’t get crappier’ :wink: !!!

Over 500 SW.

The badly dubbed ones are the most unendurable. And the ones with John Phillip Law are hard for me to watch, because I keep getting flashbacks to his blind angel stint in Barbarella.

I would say I have watched around a 100 so far, with about 30 pending, and I never get bored of watching these films.

I’m going to say under a hundred. That’s just a guess but it’s a safe one since it’s a genre that I haven’t seen a whole lot of. I’m really getting into them right now and ordering and tracking down evedrything that I can. As you can probably tell from my avatar, I like the Sartana films quite a bit…


I’ve managed to accumulate about 185 Spaghettis on DVD (and I’ve watched them all at least once). Although I figure I’ve seen most or all of the great/good ones, I do not tire of watching even the most seemingly tedious. I think I must be a little strange in that regard. The only Spaghetti that I can recall having a hard time getting through was Rita Of The West. I thought I’d love it for camp value alone but even that was hardly enough to get me through it. And I love Ferdinando Baldi’s movies!

No, you’re not ! But you’re in good company and very welcome here !!! :slight_smile:

What’s your favourite ‘trash-western’ ???

When I first joined this forum I saw about 20, and voted likewise. Since than I have watched about 50. I watch at least one new SW every week so I should be over a hundred by the end of 2008.