How do you like the DVD sub-pages?

Please give feedback to our DVD sub-pages through this poll. what I wanna know is, if the direction we’re going is what people like of if we essentially should aim for complete providing of all information on all dvds, and thus practically driving out of “business”, which is not the intention but might be the side-effect?

Some more information such as very special extras would be nice. The most important thing is to mark the cut versions! But its partly done. I do my best on this if I got enough time.

to me the most important info is:

  • publisher
  • edition (like, first, second, re-issue, etc)
  • cut or uncut
  • picture format
  • languages
  • extras
  • cover image
  • amazon link

Sounds good to me. Watching DVDs is the only way most people (myself included) will be able to see these great films. Some of this information isn’t correctly listed on the DVDs packaging itself, so there’s a definite need to share accurate information with fellow enthusiasts for them to make an informed choice when adding to their collection.

I couldn’t agree more, I just want to hear a few people speak out about it. Since this is a wiki, it’s more or less a semi-democratic, consensus-driven way we’ll do it…

For me cut/uncut and languages are important. And if there is some confusion known on different dvd´s version a quick note on that would be nice. My example is vamos a matar companeros in german amazon. There on the side the two disc with the three language version is given twice(from same publisher but once named special and one normal). on the amazon page on of them is called a single disc dvd. I bought it and is was the two disc set. But i was not sure untill i received it. So if stuff like this is known a note would be cool.
With languages for me it is important to know if there are forced subs or something like that.
I personnaly dont care much about picture format, but i know it is important for many movie lovers. Overall the dvd subpages are what I use this page for mostly.
Keep up the good work!
p.s: just the links to amazon, so you get an idea what im talking about

my personal opinion is poll option #4 anyways :wink:

i agree totally

i think we should add runtimes and on the main page of the movie we should write what the Original Runtime is…

Good idea and it would be great if users put the DVDs runtime along with PAL or NTSC format wherever possible, however people who know if a DVD is CUT or UNCUT should also share this info. :slight_smile:
Due to how film is transferred to NTSC/PAL video formats (24 fps film transfered to 25 fps PAL video, PAL DVDs run 4% faster than NTSC DVDs) the exact same cut of a film will have different runtimes on these different formats. It gets even more confusing when DVDs are mastered from PAL video as both NTSC and PAL discs would have the same runtime. ???

good point.Runtime + Pal/NTSC + Cut/Uncut
I’ll do something on the GBU-page and then decide what we can do better…

OK the Box i did a ‘‘Technical Informations:’’ Headline ,perhaps we find more thinks like Sound,language,etc
2.Subpage:the german dvd has Time and UnCut information

So based on the points discussed so far I would suggest the following layout for DVD information on the wiki:-

  • Paramount Release
  • DVD Film Length: 96 Minutes PAL Region 2 (UNCUT) - all relevant info on one line
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1/16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Audio Dolby Digital: English 2.0, German 2.0, Italian 2.0
  • Subtitles: English, German, Italian
  • Amazon Link

Regarding the 'more on this film:" box, to avoid repeating info about PAL/NTSC I think this should state the “Original Film Length” (sourced form IMDB?) like so:-

  • Original Film Length: 100 Minutes

Also personally I don’t like the extra sub headlines, all the info is “more on this film” anyway.

Of course all the above suggestions are only IMO, but I think DVD information is something anyone who has the relevant DVD can add to the wiki and make a valued contribution to it. If we can decide on a layout/format for the info it will stop the wiki pages appearing messy and it will be easier to find the relevant information. :slight_smile:

well the region code doesnt have to do anything with film lenght, i suggest bringing the region code in the line with the production company

and I agree that we don’t need a header if there’s a menu item there anyway

regarding DVD info, I think there should be a line for Extras too. the subtitles line should (if applicable) note if there’s forced subtitles in whole (like with some french dvds) or in part (with restored scenes).
the word “uncut” is a bit problematic. for example, while GBU is certainly not “cut”, it’s not “uncut” either, because there’s things missing. we should add a “cut” to it if there’s a longer version available, though

with picture it should say either 16:9 or anamorphic, as it basically means the same, i.e. enhanced for widescreen televisions

True, but do remember that an NTSC film will run longer than a PAL version because of the frame rate and this often causes people to think that the NTSC version is longer and this is not the case.

but that has nothing to do with the region code at all

i know, but i do think it is important for people to know this still :slight_smile:

yes i am just saying not the same line

DVD Sub-page:-

  • Paramount Region 2 Release - a release date here would indicate most recent edition but info may be difficult to source accurately
  • DVD Film Length: 96 Minutes PAL (UNCUT) - yes a difficult one for GBU perhaps a note next to “Original Film Length” on film page
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1/Anamorphic Widescreen - or 16:9 (some films are 16:9 Letterboxed Widescreen)
  • Audio Dolby Digital: English 2.0, German 2.0, Italian 2.0
  • Subtitles: English, German, Italian - + forced where aplicable
  • Extras: Italian Trailer, US Trailer
  • Amaray Keep Case, Includes Four Page Colour Booklet - could be used, especially where different versions are available (Re. Wanted)
  • Amazon Link

Film Page:-
*Original Film Length: 100 Minutes - perhaps this info belongs on top of the film page next to “Title, Year and Director” and not in the “more on this film box”?

Obviously it would not always be possible for a user to fill in ALL the above info ALL the time. I probably wouldn’t know if a DVD was cut or not (no other version to compare it with) or if a DVD was anamorphic (not got a widescreen TV yet and this info is often listed confusingly on the back of DVDs). Also in exceptional cases to avoid confusion about different editions etc extra info could be added. :slight_smile:

looks pretty good. generally, i am all for rather having more info than not enough info. as for editions, I think let’s say under “Germany” you’ll find the latest and best edition first, and then a few older releases with also amazon n stuff links, but clearly marked as for example “Old Marketing Film release (obsolete due to new X-Rated release)” or something