His Colt, Himself, His Revenge / Allegri becchini … arriva Trinità (Ferdinando Merighi, 1973)

Oh yeah, they’re extremely violent in description. I used the spaghettis as a big inspiration.

They’re all available on Amazon. And Marvin W. Bronson is the alias that I use. You can find them there for a buck. I kept the price low on them.

Here is a link to my titles: Marvin W. Bronson[url]http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=marvin%20w%20bronson[/url]

Oh yeah, love the reviews… ::slight_smile:

Haha ;D seems there’s too much gore and sex for some… ::slight_smile:
I’ve read a few pages that they let ya, but I’ve no kindle. Good stuff Brother Marvin 8)

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Yeah, most folks complain about the descriptive sex and violence. I even went so far as to put a warning label on my books, but they still continued to buy them and bitch. Go figure.

And - back on topic…

                                 [size=18pt]Merighi IS Batzella[/size]

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:14, topic:575”][Edit - there’s another link here that says Morris (Merighi) is Batzella for film “Treffer: Luigi Batzella (alias F.L. Morris, Regie) Das Auge des Bösen (1972)”


Solvay/Batzella, film editor on Allegri becchini… arriva Trinità, has nothing to do with the previous Casa d’appuntamento/Das Auge des Bösen (in which the cutter was Bruno Mattei, many years later director of Scalps and White Apache: both films were released in Italy in July 1986).

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:25, topic:575”]And - back on topic…

                                 [size=18pt]Merighi IS Batzella[/size][/quote]

[size=24pt]ABSOLUTELY NOT![/size]

They’re 2 different people.

I have this tape, by the way. Dean Stratford = Audie Murphy :wink:

Well Fred Lyon Morris IS Ferdinando Merighi…

[size=8pt](more on-topic picture)
And Fred Lyon Morris is…

[Edit @ Brother Jonathan - I know that there is no proof for what I say about this (other than trusting my poo ;)) and am only trying to stimulate debate about this cos it’s bugging me that the real Merighi is being so elusive. The stuff on the internet about Batzella could be Chinese whispers - but if not Batzella, still a pseudonym you think?]

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:27, topic:575”]They’re 2 different people.

I have this tape, by the way. Dean Stratford = Audie Murphy ;)[/quote]
I agree with the possibility of the latter ;D … but disagree about the former. If Merighi exists anywhere but as a pseudonym, then you’d expect to be able to find a picture of him at least. ???

STOP! Merighi isn’t Batzella. I do not kwow anything about this Batzella man (really? Batzella? Spelled like this, it cannot be an italian surname) BUT I DO KNOW ABOUT FERDINANDO MERIGHI, AKA FRED LION MORRIS. He was my father and he died 24 years ago. He left movie direction for dialogs adaptation in mid ‘70. He always cared about his (and our) privacy at most, and that’ s why there’s no bio or photos on web.

He worked with Giuseppe Vari on three other occasions: Hole in the Forehead, Death Rides Along and the WW2 drama A Place in Hell (1969).

It is a Sardinian surname. Batzella was film editor on Allegri becchini… arriva Trinità under the alias of Paolo Solvay, and before that Merighi was second unit director on Batzella’s When the Bell Tolls (1970).

Franza, do you happen to know which actor plays under the pseudonym Haim Bogart?

One Damned Day at Dawn…

This film is terrible but I knew what to expect from the first 10 minutes, so I had my fun with this. Recommended for fans of trashy, low budget spaghettis.

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