His Colt, Himself, His Revenge / Allegri becchini … arriva Trinità (Ferdinando Merighi, 1973)

His Colt, himself, his revenge
Allegri becchini… arriva Trinitá by Ferdinando Merighi

Well first when starting to watch, I thought it would be a very poor film, just like some Fidani productions, in fact it´s not a great one. But the film has very positive points, the REVENGE is done in a great style, and the ‘grand’ finale has other surprise for the bandits leaders.
Plot: When an ex-sheriff comes back to town, he saw his sister left by bandits dead in the middle of street, then he starts for seeking the culprits to make his revenge… just a simple plot
This film is an attrative for me, I must say that I liked it very much…
sorry my writing !
my vote [8/10] stars !
Any opinions ?

The stud muffin :o ( as my sister calls him ) Dean Stratford is the main dude in this one. Super low budget this one and second time I have viewed and each time I have been bored as hell and cannot recommend a thing in the film.

8 out of 10 is very generous in this case. Of course it depends on how you rate films. Personally I give 8 or more points to very few films, probably to approx. 15 % of sw’s I’ve seen.

It’s not among the worst films but I can’t really recommend it to others than completists. Very cheap looking film with stupid plot but at times it’s pretty entertaining.

I wonder if Fidani had anything to do with this film? Most of the cast is out of “Fidani family”: Dino Strano, Gordon Mitchell, Amerigo Leoni, Luciano Conti.


Well, I started watching this one until my disc stopped working 24 minutes in. I was really liking what I saw and want to finish it! That woman’s body sure took a beating before she finally died… As always, this should appeal to fans of the low budget spaghetti like myself… Man, I thought this was great… but now I will have to track down another copy I guess.

Saw the trailer for this, and would love to trade for a copy. Anybody have? I love “trash westerns” and the “Fidani family”!

Despite the original title Allegri becchini… arriva Trinità (Be Happy Gravediggers… Trinity is Coming) this unbelievably poor, fourth rate SW released in December 1973 is not a comedy in the wake of Trinity movies.

Definitely the worst SW I’ve seen so far: this one leaves his opponents far behind!

Run time = 85m 10s PAL (about 89m theatrical).

A dud of duds thats for sure.

[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:6, topic:575”]Despite the original title Allegri becchini… arriva Trinità (Be Happy Gravediggers… Trinity is Coming) this unbelievably poor, fourth rate SW - produced in 1971 and released in December 1973 - is not a comedy in the wake of Trinity movies.

Definitely the worst SW I’ve seen so far: this one leaves his opponents far behind!

Run time = 85m 10s PAL (about 89m theatrical).[/quote]

You almost make me cirious

When Dean Stratford has top billing and the early sequences are clearly shot at Cave Studios you have a pretty clear idea as to what to expect and, on those grounds, the film doesn’t disappoint. It’s as cheap and poorly scripted as you would expect with plenty of unnecessary fist fights to use up time without adding to the appalling dialogue. Dialogue, it has to be said, which is not helped by an even worse calibre of English dub. That all being said, if you go in with these expectations it is a relatively painless ride and can offer a few laughs. Far more, in fact, than if it had actually tried to be a comedy.

There’s another mistake in Anica data (and consequently in Marco Giusti’s Dictionary), the registration number (63006) proves that the license from the Board of Film Censorship was obtained on September 5th, 1973 and not '71.

For a similar case see here, Reply #15


I watched this last night and sort of enjoyed it - moreso than Brothers Enniooo and JC, but definitely not as much as Ralph.

Maybe because I’ve been on a Batzella-related fest of late, my standards have dropped, but I enjoyed aspects of this simple revenge-for-a-murdered-sister yarn.
Colourful characters include a nose-picking Mexican who wipes the offending finger on friend and foe, and a tequila drinking monkey. :o

I noticed that Weisser has pretty much got this one right (and may have even seen it), but he also thinks that the director Fred Morris was probably… Batzella! And that Merighi only scripted it. But, he also thinks that Merighi is also a pseudonym for Batzella as well - which I suppose is possible - as a google search for Merighi seems to flag up little information (and Batzella does get credited as Editor).
It certainly has that cheap look of Batzella about it, although some of the pirouettes-of-death were Fidani-esque though in the extreme?
Fidani faves Dean Stratford and Gordon Mitchell feature greatly to add to the enjoyment, and Deano gets a topless scene with mexi-wench Adelita (although I wish he’d kept his man-boobs covered up). :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched a pretty poor soft vid-rip with Spanish or Portuguese subs (sorry :-[), that did the film no favours. Any better versions of this… on compilations maybe?

And is Weisser correct! Is Merighi really Batzella??? And when will my accidental Batzella-kick finish and I can return to normal? :slight_smile:

Of course not, Rev: Ferdinando Merighi directed the poor reputation giallo Casa d’appuntamento a.k.a. The French Sex Murders, and in the field of SWs was assistant director on Fidani’s The Four Who Came to Kill Sartana and - to Stanton’s great surprise - on Giuseppe Vari’s The Last Killer. :wink:


Indeed. I saw these when I did a search. He probably learnt that pirouette-of-death stuff that I was referring to from Fidani on 4CTKS. But bearing in mind just how many pseudonyms Sir Spitfire had, isn’t it possible that Mr. Merighi had another one besides Fred Morris? There is very little about Merighi on the web other than in relation to his films - no photos, accurate birthdate, bio, etc. So I still side with Weisser :o that Merighi could be Batzella

(and they’re all really Fidani 8) ;D :wink: :wink: ;))

A further search putting “Luigi Batzella”+Morris into google gave me a link to ‘Actors of the Spaghetti Westerns’ by James Prickette (A book I know nothing about btw) and on page 1973 he says… (quote) “Fred Lyons Morris (Dir) Luigi Batzella” so he reckons so as well. Mind you he doesn’t say where he got this information.

[Edit - there’s another link here that says Morris (Merighi) is Batzella for film “Treffer: Luigi Batzella (alias F.L. Morris, Regie) Das Auge des Bösen (1972)”

And it is well known though that Batzella used plenty of psudonyms… (and according to wiki-bollocks quoting imdb) “There is some conflicting information on whether his real name was Paolo Solvay or Luigi Batzella. According to the IMDb it’s Batzella, according to Gordon Mitchell and Richard Harrison, it’s Solvay.”

Confusing and Fidani-esque, but I reckon stylistically as well as in my poo that these could be one and the same fellah. I’ll have to watch that “poor reputation… French Sex Murders” and see if it shows a similar ineptness and feel. And to look at the tits of course.

page 1973

Is that a typo on your part, or is the book really nearly 2000 pages long? Hmm…

Nope - I did wonder but it’s a quote from an e-book… maybe they have more shorter pages?

And our good friend says of it in an amazon (co.uk) review…

“the book “Actors of the Spaghetti Westerns” is a well researched and to my thinking a very complete list and description of directors and actors of this time. I particularly enjoyed the background stories about how they got to the making or working on the Spaghetti Westerns, includes detailed information on the most prominent artists of this time. Any fan should have a place for this book, in his bookcase or beside the bed .
I have.
Dan van Husen”

I’ve published a lot of e-books, and their size radically varies according to page length. Ironically, I just had a talk with my publisher this morning about just such a thing.

Still, for nearly 2000 pages that’s a pretty good deal. I’ll probably pass, though.

What sort of stuff? (To get off-topic ;))

I write westerns. They’re mostly short stories and novellas. Next month, though, I plan on releasing the first of many full-length novels.

Interesting. Are they spaggie - gritty and violent :slight_smile: For a military man I suppose they’ll certainly be the latter?. And where can we see them?
And (sort of back on topic) do you use psuedonyms.