"Hidden Gems" List

Phil did an awesome job with the alternative top 20 and since everybody loves rankings, I wish to start a new one. This will serve a different purpose.

In this thread you can name your top 10 or 20 favorite “Hidden Gem” SW’s. Obscure and little known movies that even most SW fans have not seen. The purpose of this is to give some recognition to those films that very few people have seen but you like anyway.

I think a good criteria to qualify is to only choose movies that have under 40 imdb votes, which is an imperfect but otherwise decent indicator of how well known or little known a movie is. It shouldn’t be too strict. If a movie has 41 votes you can still include it.

Once upon a time in the west has 58290 votes, while Killer Adios has a mere 20 votes. Most of the movies in both the official and alternative top 20 have well over a hundred imdb votes.

I think this list will be challenging as you will constantly have to go back and forth to see whether it qualifies. Remember its not based on imdb rating, but on the number of votes.

I’m also open to suggestions. Perhaps we can use another criteria. Or lower or raise the under 40 vote limit.

So I guess I’ll start off:

  1. Tequila Joe
  2. 32 Caliber Killer
  3. Garringo
  4. A Stranger at Paso Bravo
  5. Cry for Revenge/Dead Men Don’t Count
  6. Gunman Sent by God/Two Pistols for a Coward
  7. A Long Ride From Hell
  8. The Moment to Kill
  9. His Name Was Holy Ghost
  10. Reverend Colt
  11. Days of Violence
  12. The Silent Stranger

Thats it for now

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Great idea

In no particular order

Price of Death
Dead Men Ride
Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead
China 9, Liberty 37

more later

Off the top of my head but not necessarily under 40 imb votes:

No Room to Die
Hole in the Forehead

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve seen 90% of the films mentioned.
But I’ll try to pitch in with some seventies stuff (not mega obscure, but what the hell):

  • Suo nome era Pot, Il (1971, Demofilo Fidani)
  • Seminò la morte… lo chiamavano Castigo di Dio (1972, Roberto Mauri)
  • Kid il monello del west (1973, Tonino Ricci)
  • Règlements de femmes OQ Corral (1974, Jean-Marie Pallardy)
  • Arde baby, arde (1975, José Antonio Balanos)

I Död Mans Spår (1975 Mats Helge Olsson)

Maybe some Zorro flicks?

I really like Gun Shy Piluk.

Strangely enough I just wanted to start a similar thread when I went to the computer a few minutes ago. I wanted to call it My Secret Love. It wasn’t meant to be a list-thread. Everyone had to name one SW, he loves for some reason, a flick, that neither appears in the top20, nor in the alternative top20.

To make a long story short, my hidden gem is:

The Return Of Clint The Stranger

I must highly recommend this one. Although it is in some respect a bit like a German “Heimatfilm”, but it shows a quite strong george martin and has a very interesting role for Klaus Kinski. He plays a hard boiled bounty hunter with a heart of gold.

Clint’s Return has a special mood it is filmed in Italy and has almost an autumnal atmosphere (the one I like so much).

I don’t know how much votes this one has, but it is hardly mentioned in any discussions round here…

[quote=“korano, post:2, topic:1706”]Great idea

In no particular order

Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead
China 9, Liberty 37

more later[/quote]

These two are pretty popular. Shoot the living is a Kinski with a reltively major DVD release. China 9 has 241 votes!

[quote=“Dillinger, post:7, topic:1706”]To make a long story short, my hidden gem is:

The Return Of Clint The Stranger[/quote]

I like this one too! Kinski and George Martin are great plus a Morricone score. Great story too. I woudn’ve included it but I thought it was too well known to qualify but if you want to include it go right ahead.

The rules are pretty aren’t strict here. Its ultimately up to the individual to decide what is a hidden gem. But if you put something like God Forgives I don’t or Face to Face in there of course it shouldn’t be there.

I believe you :slight_smile: .

Bugger! I just wanted to post a hidden gem called “The Good The Bad And The Ugly”. :wink:

Thank you, man!

Thats ok, that one has only has 9 votes :wink:

Seemed interesting enough, yes. Unfortunately I have the French dvd, and French is about the worst dub you can have for a spaghetti western. And my French ain’t that magnifique to begin with. This didn’t help much. However the French dvd looks pretty good.

I have a fullscreen VHS with english audio…maybe someone will do a fandub :wink: .

I think the best example of a hidden gem i O’Cangaceiro. Not many have it. I think

Some funny looking head gear in the film.

But great costume work.

I think anything with John Ireland is a hidden gem, apart from Run Man Run of course.

true true. he was in some of the lesser known stuff.

And how about its less popular siblings, those Dollar-ones?

Dollar who? Never heard of 'em :wink: