Have a Good Funeral, My Friend … Sartana Will Pay / Buon funerale amigos! … Paga Sartana (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1970)

(AngelFace) #121

Rewatched this thanks to the new Blu-Ray from Arrow.

This to my mind is the best Sartana movie after If You Meet Sartana… it is the one that gets the closest in terms of spookiness and all round Saratana- atmosphere though it is a more light-hearted film than the original. In fact it can feel a bit like two movies in tone when you compare Sartana’s introductory nighttime gundown to the relative cuteness of the lady-swindler denouement.

I thought George Wang made for a charismatic semi-villain while the main villain wasn’t particularly memorable.

Carmineo keeps things general interesting with his usual camera tricks and bits of inventive action. There’s plenty of action which to me it doesn’t feel alike a lot of unrelated, strung together action sequences - though they possibly are! Very god music too.

(morgan) #122

Agreed. Recived the box a couple of weeks ago and watched the five films in two nights. Real nice to see them in such good picture quality, with Italian audio and English subs. I even have Have a Good Funeral sligtly ahead of the original. Have a Good Funeral 7/10, If You Meet Sartana 6,5, Light the Fuse 5,5, Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin 5, Sartana Your Angel of Death 5.

(AngelFace) #123

I more or less agree, I would go:
If You Meet Sartana - 7.5/10
Have A Good Funeral - 6.5/10
Light The Fuse - 5.5/10
Angel Of Death - 5 (This one starts off well but always disappoints me).
Trade Your Pistols - Haven’t seen this one.

Honorable mention to They Call Him Cemetery as a great lost Sartana movie!


Love this movie.

(Andy) #125

Me too. I call that and Price of Death the Sartana-esque movies. :grin:

(The Man With a Name) #126

I love all the Gianni Garko spaghettis. I wish they’d have made a sequel to Those Dirty Dogs. Koran was an interesting character and very different to Sartana.

(morgan) #127

The ending of that one was for me rock bottom of the saga. When the hardworking townspeople claim their prospected gold back, Sartana teams up with this Sabata guy, a Tennyson-reading work-shy dandy with a lady’s parasol, to steal it from them for the second time. What kind of plot is that?

(kit saginaw) #128

This is the first Sartana-film I’ve seen and I give it a 9-out-of-10. Immensely entertaining. The script flows logically like a river through a canyon. Fascinating production, with accent on authenticity. The ‘card-throwing’ gimmick seems straight out of a Shaw Brothers’ vehicle. Or vice versa. Superb. And Garko’s relationship with Daniela Giordano is as refreshing as fine whisky. Zero smarminess. Same goes for Bruno Nicolai’s score.