Hate for Hate / Odio per odio (Domenico Paolella, 1967)

I think this 1967 SW by Domenico Poalella is pretty entertaining and featuring a great cast: Antonio Sabato, John Ireland, Piero Vida, Nadia Marconi, Fernando Sancho, Mirko Ellis …

IMO above average but certainly no top-notch SW !!!

Opinions ???

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Database page: Odio per odio - The Spaghetti Western Database (spaghetti-western.net)

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Entertaining this one with a; good story, direction and great John Ireland performance.

VERY GOOD SW with JOHN IRELAND reliable, solid and likeable as ever.

This HATE FOR HATE 1968 is another of the 1960s Booming/Flourishing SW Craze with
all the right ingredients regarding plot, cast , music, director etc. A Winner For me :slight_smile:

Watched this one this morning.

I enjoyed it for the most part but found it all a bit unneccesarily convoluted. Sancho’s part, for example, though entertaining as always, is never properly explained. It’s also a shame that Ireland doesn’t dub his own voice. (in the version I saw anyway).

Decent fun but not sure I can be quite as enthusiastic as our departed friend above. :wink:

Certainly above average, but never quite reaches its full potential; there’s perhaps too much focus on the antics of ever-grinning Antonio Sabato (I try to like him but can’t help finding him ever so slightly irksome) and not enough on the tragic fate of John Ireland.

And I agree that more use should have been made of Sancho - enjoying a rare chance to play a positive character - and greater explanation of his role.

I thought it was alright, can’t stand Antonio Sabato in this for some reason.

I thought this one was pretty good. Its certainley not classic but it has many strengths.

For one, it successfully incorporates the same type of extreme drama that Anthony Mann made in his westerns. Mostly the pure evil of the villain who just keeps given Ireland shit to deal with, and Ireland’s descent into maddening hatred of this man.

I’m glad that the finale was in a ghost town as that Spanish sun has never seemed more hot. It started getting to me.

easy 4/5

Anyone have this dvd ?

I believe it is in widescreen and has an english audio track and was wondering what the quality is like …

But it has a shit cover!

This is true, but this can easily be solved. I am more interested in knowing what the quality of the print is like.

And the runtime.

Quality is only fair, VHS master. Noisy soundtrack. 1.78 AR. 90 minutes NTSC.

I don’t have the DVD but that’s the information I’ve got.

Thanks…will not be purchasing.

Sabato’s character is annoyingly ‘cute’ and apart from that for me Sabato never had the looks for a Spaghetti Western no matter whether he played a more serious role or not. Having in mind the screen time he was given on this one, you can imagine how many points the movie loses for that fact alone.
Second and most major flaw of Hate for Hate is its score which sounds totally out of place at many points and very frequently and awkwardly changes its mood quite abruptly from serious/dramatic to lighthearted/cheerful. You have one particular scene where Ireland is riding his horse and you hear that AWFUL zapata/cheerful theme- Ireland theoretically plays the more dramatic character of the film, it just couldn’t be more wrong…FAIL
This could be a more than decent film, Ireland was very good and the direction was generally decent, but I really can’t stand Sabato and Brezza’s score and unfortunately, as far as I am concerned, it is filed under ‘average’ category.

Just re viewed this one and still like. Tend to like John Ireland in his Spaghetti roles…I can relate to alot of his characters. Sabato sometimes annoys me in westerns though, but he is ok in this one. As mentioned above…I agree re the score though.

Well saw this one in this morning, they are going to change VAT again, so it means I will have to change every account computer program once more, I just don’t give a shit anymore prefer to watch SW.

I really like it, above average spaghetti better than some others with other names and productions, the direction it’s pretty cool, Paolella was old school but did some nice filming here, good use of locations, I liked the photography work, with some pretty images that would look good in the big screen, also notice that they even reload the guns and run out of bullets in the final showdown.
I’m not a big fan of Sabato, acting was really not his thing, but he does look like a Mexicano and he does not complicate much here apart from the " hey Amigo" stuff, Ireland who normally goes by being just another face in SW it’s on another level here he does give a good show acting in good style.
Of course the story it’s pretty predictable, but come on it’s a SW, and they did make some effort on that area, with the not so commom begining that looked like the end of a film, and in such a dramatic film even the usual comic relieve it’s a perfect one, the black widow from the general store, there you have it, a nice comic touch without complicating things or being too notorious, and also the zapata topic was not forced, like in other films.
Oh yes I forgot Fernando Sancho it’s ok also in this one “… You’re a traitor so I you kill once more BANG BANG…” How much better than this can it get.
About the soundtrack at the begining was not appreciating it that much by the contrary, but then those trumpets based themes started, and I end up liking it and even the concaracha sounded nice.
In conclusion very professional effort, not SW royalty, but low nobility for sure, a 4- or 3+ stuff for me

Looks like Warner Archive is releasing this DVD on April 4. Here is the Amazon link:

why always the poor ones get a good re-release?? >:(

Finally! I think I gonna buy it, as I enjoy all flicks with John Ireland. He was a great actor. RIP Mr Ireland.