Has a spaghetti western made you cry?

Same. But also Il Mercenario. Tears of joy :))

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Re-read this thread and I’m surprised no one has mentioned Seven Dollars on the Red. I cried the last time I watched it. That shit is depressing :cry:


My Name is Nobdy ending is very tear inducing…

While I’ve never cried at the ending of Seven Dollars on the Red, it does certainly pack the kind of punch you would need to shed a couple of tears. It’s one of Steffen’s finest moments on camera for me. A few of his Westerns ended that way where he or a supporting character mourns a passing, Garringo being an excellent example.


SW’s generally don’t bring me to tears, but there’s a couple of exceptions.

I will admit I get choked up at the final duel between Lee Van Cleef and Giuliano Gemma in Day of Anger, I honestly didn’t want to see Van Cleef die in the end.

The infamous ending to Il Grande Silenzio always evokes an emotional reaction out me, but never brought me to tears though.

Gianni Garko’s crying scene in 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre is a cry worthy moment as how he delivers on it resonates with the viewers. I didn’t cry myself I admit, but I appreciate the emotion Garko was going for, and made me an even bigger fan of his cause he was open to bearing his emotions on camera.

Only a handful of films in general can bring me to tears.


Great scenes you mentioned. That death from 10 000 Dollars for a Massacre made me so sad, I love Mijanou. I felt like I was able to mourn her there in that moment with Django when Garko was crying

The part that destroys me in the ending of Day of Anger is when Scott looks devastated, throws the pistol through the window and walks away hand-in-hand with Blind Bill. It’s like Scott realized that even though everyone treated him like shit, he still killed them all and wrecked his home town leaving him with nothing left except one friend.


I have a love-hate relationship with Day of Anger actually. While I love Lee Van Cleef in the film, every other character is utterly unlikable. I like Giuliano Gemma for the most part, but he was totally miscast in the role of Scott Mary.

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Only moment I can remember crying over in an SW is in Four of the Apocalypse when the mother died after childbirth.

Who would you cast for that role?


That is a good question, and tough one too given the kind of character Scott’s written as. Corrado Pani comes to mind for the part as he could play a wide range of characters.

Tonino Valerii said in an interview he had planned on casting Lou Castel for the part of Scott, who would’ve been great in the part, but when Gemma showed interest in the script (and he was a silent partner in the company interested), the producers insisted he be cast.

Gemma doesn’t come off as the mild, meek, and weak type to me, he’s more in the range of a man willing to defend himself when need be. Had characters in the film like Abel Murray put their hands on any other Gemma character they’d have gotten slapped around a couple of times and warned not to put their hands on him ever again.

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Gemma was very athletic to look like someone who gets beaten by everyone. I thought PLL would have been ideal for the role. He played these kind of boyish characters all the time.


Black Jack (1968) when they tortured Jack Murphy while they wanted to take back their reward after the hold up in the bank, at the middle of the Western

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Robert Woods got put through his paces in that scene for sure, seeing him as helpless as he was in those moments is enough to warrant a good cry.