Guns & Guts / Las viboras cambian de piel (René Cardona Jr., 1974)

AKA “Guns n´ Guts”

Hello, always wanted to watch this one, sounds to be a very spaghetti… It´s mexican

youtube trailer:


[quote=“Raph_Alv, post:1, topic:750”]AKA “Guns n´ Guts”

Hello, always wanted to watch this one, sounds to be a very spaghetti… It´s mexican

youtube trailer:


Never heard of it, but watched the trailer now.

Seems more post-Wild Bunch to me.
But okay, I’d like to watch it one day too.

By the way, my Spanish is not that good, but I suppose the title means: vipers change their skin (?)

Yeah, it’s obvious which film has been the inspiration here. Looks like a cool film.
By the way, one guy in the trailer looks just like Charles Southwood but imdb doesn’t have him in the cast. Is it just a look-alike?

The disc can be picked up at good prices, and the VCI one is in 2.35.1 widescreen aswell.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:4, topic:750”]The disc can be picked up at good prices, and the VCI one is in 2.35.1 widescreen aswell.[/quote]Thanks for the tip :wink:

looks interesting.
any nudity? :wink:

[quote=“Sebastian, post:6, topic:750”]looks interesting.
any nudity? ;-)[/quote]
There are a couple of scenes of nudity as I recall, with a full frontal in one bit if memory serves correct.

Two convicts escape with plans to kill a sheriff, hiring a gunman along the way to help out.

Watched this film last night with high hopes… I thought the cover was really cool and all the descriptions of the film sounded promising. The first half of the film consists of lots of fighting, basically starting from the first scene… about 17 minutes in and several fight scenes later, it finally seems a gun is about to be drawn when the gunman stops to say, “I’ve got an idea” … “Let’s put our pistols on the counter and fight” … at this point I’m already about fed up with the movie, as in addition to no real content yet, there’s also been nothing visually appealing.

The entire first half hour of the film could of been shortened to 10 minutes, and then we could of gotten to the only cool part of the film- the bloody violence. The first time someone is shot in the film, it almost makes up for all the nonsense before it- its the kind of scene I had imagined the Fulci westerns to be filled with (and was let down when they weren’t). Unfortunately, this was the only aspect I liked about the film and there’s no more of these scenes until the end, at which point its executed poorly and overdone to the point of inducing boredom.

The main gunman character spends the movie trying to look cool and say cool things by being a bad man. Unfortunately, it only seems forced and it has the effect of the annoying jackass that’s the opposite of cool.

As mentioned by some folks here already, there’s a fair share of nudity- more than any spaghetti I’ve seen, but this doesn’t do much to improve my experience with Guns and Guts- by this time I’m just watching the clock and thinking about what I’m going to put in next.

Enjoyed the Fidani I watched the other night over this western by leaps and bounds.

I have had in my to watch pile for around two years, and must get round to viewing this one.

One thing I should probably add to my review- while I gave it a pretty harsh rating, I wouldn’t say its a horrible western. I’m sure plenty of people probably enjoy it… I was pretty let down by the film and I’m sure this made it worse for me. For some reason I expected it to be a really good one.

Knew this was a mexican western before starting viewing, but took me a while to get used to everyone being a mexican. Usually we have one or two gringo’s floating around. Characters seem to speak about a load of crap most of the time, so difficult to be interested in the characters most of the time. With the exception of one gory killing near the start of the film, most of the action takes place at the end Wild Bunch style. The end was not bad as a sucker for negative endings, but lingered to much on the slow motion. Peckinpah slow motion is still in a league of its own even to this day, has a finesse to it. Like Auto mentions above expected this to be better.

I’ve had a vci dvd of this for ages, still haven’t got around to watching it.

Think it took me around three years to finally decide to view this one :stuck_out_tongue: .

The Never ending story of the not watching kid

Have to agree does feel like it at times.

Database entry:

Wow, I really didn’t like this back in 2009 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be watching again to see if my opinion changes any

I just saw this and was far from impressed. The director couldn’t seem to decide what kind of film he wanted to direct and the result was rather meandering. Perhaps it was the English dub that I watched, but most of the characters came off as ridiculously shallow and stupid. What good ideas there were couldn’t stand up to the tide of mediocrity that rose steadily with every minute that passed.

Review from scherp:

Quoted from review:

Having seen only a couple of Mexi-westerns, I find it difficult to say how good (or bad) this one is.

Personally, I’d place this one far below the other titles I’ve recently watched, but Bad Lieutenant seems to have liked it a lot and he has seen a fair share of these Mexican spaghettis also.

I still haven’t rewatched it since 2009 though, so may change my mind on the next viewing.

I remember watching the trailer of this and laughing at the number of times the title “Guns and Guts!” gets repeated by the voiceover. He apparently didn’t find anything good to say about the movie so the only thing he could do is repeat the name of the film over and over lol.