Guns for San Sebastian / La Bataille de San Sebastian (Henri Verneuil, 1968)

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seems as if more and more of these type of westerns are coming under the umbrella of SPAGHETTI WESTERN …maybe its time for change and have one forum for all ( can someone comment on guidelines as to which is SPAGHETTI WESTERN and normal WESTERN) thanks

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[quote=“Stanton, post:40, topic:1107”]As I said, I have no clue why you rate it that high …[/quote]Why? Tastes differ.

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Yes, but I know which other films he likes (at least his top 20). This remark was directly aimed towards Novvecento.

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There are no real guidelines. For most films there is no doubt what is Spagie and what not, but there are the grey area ones, and for these you have to create your own definition.

For further reading:,281.20.html,516.0.html,1874.0.html

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Let’s just say that provisionally I would have it hovering around underneath my top-20 along with “And God Said to Cain”, “Sonny & Jed”, “Quien Sabe?” and “The Price of Power”. In fact I may have just made my top-25 although in no particular order for the last 5.

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At least we know now where Quien sabe? hovers around.

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I put this in my favourite non-spaghettis. I didn’t realise it had an co-Italian production. I wouldn’t mind picking up the Brazilian DVD release since it has the English version available. It seems quite rare though. I’m happy with my bootleg for now - it’s excellent quality.

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The American Turner Classic Movies channel shows this one every now and then - not sure about TCM elsewhere in the world. The Morricone score is fantastic.


TCM UK is showing this Today at 9.05 AM and again tomorrow at 3.35 PM … if there’s anyone out there who can record this, please get in touch, I’d be very grateful - Can’t find any details about aspect ratio or HD etc.

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I have a fullscreen print from TCM. If they are showing a widescreen print this time, I’d love a copy, too.


It’s a real mystery why this one’s never been given a good quality official release - An MGM release with two big stars, Quinn and Bronson, and one of Morricone’s most haunting soundtracks.
I have a Spanish release DVD (probably a bootleg) with WS picture, but it’s not anamorphic and the image is soft with washed out colour.
Please somebody nab this one, hopefully it’s a good looking version this time :slightly_smiling_face:

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My thoughts exactly. This one and Los Amigos should have had MGM DVD releases by now.