Gunman of 100 Crosses / Una pistola per 100 croci (Carlo Croccolo, 1971)

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Just finished this one… Well, the first 20 minutes (just a guess) or so were pretty boring, but after the first shootout (which there are many,) it started to pick up. There were many interesting parts to the film, most notably the fact one of the bad guys was a lady and there was even a bullwhip duel between two gals. The end was pretty good too! Once you pass the first boring part, this turns into a decent film!

I’ve been wanting to see this one for ages now. I actually have a DVD-R of it (from Trash-Palace) but it plays horribly, freezing every few seconds (on every DVD player I have as well as my computer). I also can’t seem to find a torrent of it anywhere. Cinemageddon doesn’t seem to have it. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.
Oh, by the way, this is my first post here in QUITE a long time so, hello again everyone!

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I’ll have to watch this one again myself… judging by my post, I thought it was pretty decent… but I can’t remember much about it now a days! Anyhow, I got mine on DVDr from I doubt the quality was amazing, but at least the disc worked.

Thanks, I’ll check 'em out…
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Okay, I was finally able to see this one. Quite good.
From the earliest moments, wherein the doomed Jimmy jovially says to an anonymous character, “guess you heard about them killin’ my father,” I knew I was in for something different. An obviously incredibly low budget production has been livened up by a number of original ideas and moments. The female main villain and her whip. Two avengers (the Hero, Santana, aka Django, aka Sartana and Jessica). A duel with whips. Prominent black character. Etc, etc.
The only thing I didn’t like about it was the idiot stuttering villain who obviously was meant to be a funny, “Ugly” character in the Tuco mold but was a total failure. Other than that, a quite enjoyable film. Really loved the scene where the whip-cracking female villain whips off the Heroine’s clothes. Awesome.
About the actors. Tony Kendall as the Hero (in the version I watched, he was referred to as Sartana) is no one’s idea of a great actor but he makes a serviceable lead, active and determined. Marina Malfatti is beautiful and pretty engaging as the Heroine, Jessica. Mimmo Palmara is great as the not-too-subtly named Frank Demon (at least, in the version I watched). He does strike a faintly demonic chord at times. Rai Saunders is good as stable boy Thomas, who helps out in the vengeance stakes. I didn’t catch the female villain’s name, so she’s either played by Monica Miguel, Mirella Palmich or Lidia Biondi. Whoever she is, she’s great as a woman who clearly enjoys her villainy.
Anyway, a fun, entertaining, cheap SW. Hopefully, someday, we’ll see a better-looking copy of this surface. Both versions I’m aware of are horribly cropped and we’re definitely missing some vital picture information. Here’s hoping!

I generally agree with the post above, an enjoyable film with some quite quirky and interesting moments. The black-clad female villain looked really deadly, the stuttering villain surely could have been missing and I wouldn’t mind if Kendal was given more screen time than Malfatti. The score sounded out of place at some points, but I liked it a lot in the ending scene and the closing credits. My VHS had a running time of 89 min.

Yes, this is one I have to confess to enjoying. I agree with Ion Britton that the score was a bit off in places.
Overall a fun little film that deserves a decent release!

You haven’t posted in a while, Chris. Welcome back! And I would like to see the film.

Thanks for the “Welcome back”, Silence!
You really should check out this movie, if you can. It might not be saying much, but in my opinion it is the best Western Tony Kendall ever did.

Trashpalace has a DVDr, adding it to the wishlist!

Would love to trade for a copy of this. Saw the trailer on Shoot Previews Shoot. Anyone have?

Looking for a widescreen version of this film!!!

I’ve pre ordered the German release on the 29th April. When it arrives I’ll report back with the specs.

Good, if everything is ok this will be an unmissable release. Let’s hope for the best.

On the DVD cover there is the name of Marina Malfatti, the years pass but we continue to see this error: IMDb, English page on Wikipedia, French forum Western Maniac… Even an old Westernsallitaliana blogspot page about Black Killer, in which we read

“Marina Mulligan has been credited as an alias for Marina Malfatti in several publications. Recently this has been challenged on several boards and websites. Posters have stated Mulligan is really Marisa Rabissi who is/was Carlo Croccolo’s wife. Compare the photo of Marina Malfatti and the photo of Marina Mulligan and you will see they are the same actress with only the black wig being added to make her look like an Indian”

They aren’t the same actress.
I can do no more than this, once again…


And while we’re on the subject, here is another (!) supposed Marina Malfatti in His Name Was Sam Walbash, But They Call Him Amen a.k.a. Savage Guns.
Undoubtedly it’s not her.

Most likely another cheap release in VHS quality.

It has my hopes slightly because its not a White Pearl release.