Gunman of 100 Crosses / Una pistola per 100 croci (Carlo Croccolo, 1971)

(Farmer_J) #21

DVD turned up some days ago, but luckily I found this brief review about the dvd to sum it up:

DVD Features:

  • Only German sound
  • Movie Trailer
  • Picture Gallery
  • Three spaghetti westerns Trailer

Summary: Italo-Western Western from 1971 under the direction of Carlo Croccolo. To my knowledge, the film has been shown so far in the German speaking only on television. The duration of the film is at 9 minutes shorter than the original duration. The DVD shows the film also in poor image quality.

(The Man With a Name) #22

Only German audio? That’s a shame.

(Jacobs André) #23

Hi Guys,
I bought this from Cine city as a DVD-r. It’s in English and finnish subtitles. I think it comes from the vhs source. It looks very sharp to me. And the sound is OK. Only one think is not so good. On my television it is cut off left and right.
Buy the way : I bought some time ago at least 100 spaghettis on dvd-R and they are pretty good. There are more than 200 titles (almost all with english languages and/or subtitles.

(Stanton) #24

You are really paying 12 or 13 Bucks for a DVD-R of a bootleg?
Versions which you can trade or download for nothing? Or versions which are ripped illegally from licensed DVDs?

(Jacobs André) #25

Hi Stanton, when nobody show you the way , where to go, what can I do. Beside that site, I only have Amazon , Ebay and As I am from Belgium , I try to find all my westerns/Spaghetti Western with Dutch subtitels. That’s not often. And when I don’t find what I am looking for I search the net and this is from a guy from holland. So… ! So Stanton, explane me where to go, or what to do. Because one thing is true, it costs me a whole lot of money. Thx

(Søren) #26

A whole bunch of those dvdrs sold by cinecity make no sense today. There are rips of stuff already out on bluray which means that you are getting bad quality stuff costing you a lot of money plus its not exactly helping bringing more official releases out.

Only Dutch subtitles? Come on thats not going to happen and is an unreasonable demand. If I had insisted on Danish subtitles I would have 20 spaghetti westerns in my collection.

(Jacobs André) #27

Hi Soren (with a slash through the o)
Off course , cinecity is not the only place where I buy my movies. And you would be surprized how many I found with dutch subtitles. About 100 which are on the SWDB. And almost all the rest is in English or with english subtitles. And the rest is in German or French. ( I do speak Dutch, English, German and French).
But everybody tells about rips, but nobody tells were to find them :wink:
And as I am moving out in july to Thailand, I want to have a lot off dvd’s to watch, spending my time in the old west, living in the east !!

(Søren) #28

No you misunderstood me. I meant the rips on the dvdrs you linked to. You should never buy something that are mearly rips of an official release. If you understand German and English you are well off and there are plenty of blu-rays and dvds you can buy with no problem at a price not higher than what cinecity is offering.


Cine City - Fucking rip off city! Those prices are outrageous - and I’ll bet there are many of them acquired for free by the seller.

I’m sorry that you have been cheated by the people who run this scam company.

Why some people have an aversion to free download sites in preference to these dealers is beyond my comprehension - The dealer is getting his ‘product’ for nothing from the same sources. :frowning_face:

(The Man With a Name) #30

Cine City and Cult Action are really overpriced. I bought a few Cult Action discs a while back out of pure desperation when I couldn’t seem to find the movies anywhere. Wouldn’t bother with either of those sites now. For some reason, when I did buy from Cult Action, I was under the impression that they were going to be pressed discs and not DVD-Rs.

(Jacobs André) #31

Hi Soren (with a slash through the o)
Of course, I always go for the official release, than I look for the best quality, then lenght of the movie (uncut or not), then subtitles in Dutch or English, then English language and then german or french language. All the movies I ever bought from Cine city are nowhere available anymore. Even in de SWDB there are no entry’s for dvd and/or VHS. It’s the website for the last effort or last try…And yes, they are expencive, but I get 11% reduction and free shipping…

(Mickey13) #32

Don’t pay any attention to that. It may say that it includes free shipping and whatnot, but in fact it’s just a simple trick intended to incentivize you to buy his shitty releases.

Well, that’s bootlegging for ya. Nothing has changed for the last 10 years apparently. The same shitty releases circulating around the web uninhibitedly.

(JonathanCorbett) #33

Just to get an idea, here’s a comparison between the 4:3 version from DuelTV and the low-resolution YouTube version with French audio and correct AR