Gunfight at Red Sands / Gringo / Duello nel Texas (Ricardo Blasco, 1963)

I just got this film its from a compagny called RHV of witch I have never heard before, but the quality of the film is very good. It runs 92 min, according too IMDb the film runs 97 min so it looks like its cut.
The film is an early SW from 1963 starring Richard Harrison. Its not a typical SW it has an american kind of feel to it, but its pretty good even though its not up there with some of the best.

I ordered the RHV dvd too. I’ve seen this film before and I thought it was quite good. Good early Italian western without Leone influences but somehow there’s already something different about it. One of the first italian westerns worthy of called spaghetti western.

I’m not so sure about the running time, imdb is not so reliable.

It’s ok, but too American in my opinion. It does have the same director of photography -Massimo Dallamano- as A Fistful of Dollars, and of course the Morricone score. A relevant film, definitely in terms of shaping the genre but for from a landmark.

IMDB can not be trusted, especially not on obscure films and certainly not on run-times.
The RHV discs are PAL, so will run faster anyhow.

I recently got this disc, as part of the “Le Pistole Non Discutono” boxset with 4 other SW titles, all including English dubs. Look forward to seeing it.

Just watched this one for the first time and unfortunately on a very bad fullscreen print.

To me this runs more like a 50’s B western than a spaghetti. Not such a bad thing as I like 50’s westerns, but it amazes me that this has the same cinematographer as Fistful of Dollars. It looks so different. I guess this is testament to Leone’s vision rather than criticism of Dallamano.

Also, unless I was told I would never pick this as a Morricone score. Chalk and cheese as we say in England.

Despite that, I enjoyed the film and found it a really interesting example of a pre Leone eurowestern. I’ll have to get a better print someday to watch it again in better condition.

I’ve seen this one in bad fullscreen version, but i thought it was not bad, so i guess i must get this rhv version and then make up my mind about this movie

The RHV disc is good, and I thought this was a very interesting film - certainly SW fans will enjoy. The DVD and film are reviewed at my site.

This is another favorite of mine. I actually like a lot of the early SW’s where they are just on the edge of doing something vastly different than their American counterparts.
Though this one still has a lot of the traditional Western flavor to it…it has quite a bit of Italian spice, too.

And even with the goofy lyrics for the main theme, I like the music in this one!

Has anyone ever noticed that the charro jacket that Richard Harrison wears in this movie is the exact same jacket (with the same tears in it!) that Franco Nero wears under his black coat in DJANGO?
It is true!

RICHARD HARRISON makes this film a wonderful experience, full of tension/ revenge

Many of these 1964 SW made along with a FISTFUL OF DOLLARS 1964 are pioneering
examples of how the SW was to evolve into a great genre full of excitement/violence.
The story is well written, top notch cast, quality direction and a feeling of excellence.

My Vote for GUNFIGHT AT RED SANDS 1963 is 17 out of 20 . :smiley:

Hello. I got this film too, on a good quality of image, letterboxed.
About the ideia, it´s very american one. Sometimes get me tired and some it´s good. ;D

One of my favorites, I like the modern day surplus Police Special .38s that Richard Harrison wears. Any movie with Giacomo Rossi-Stuart in it is worth seeing just because of his presence and this is my favorite of all his Western roles cos I never knew what a complete BASTARD he could be, hehe.

RICHARD HARRISON is an actor with a lot of screen presence and wonderful style.

I am not surprised Richard was offered the role Clint Eastwood made famous in Fistful $.

I have a download of this , the print is not all that great , a bit grainy and is showing signs of deteriation due to the lines and occasional flickering but otherwise it’s watchable.

GUNFIGHT AT RED SANDS 1963 is a memorable, classic, exciting , pioneering Film

I feel it should be High up in most people’s TOP 20 Favourite SWs.
RICHARD HARRISON lends such dignity, greatness, screen presence to ALL his Films.

[quote=“SARTANA DJANGO, post:14, topic:515”]GUNFIGHT AT RED SANDS 1963 is a memorable, classic, exciting , pioneering Film

I feel it should be High up in most people’s TOP 20 Favourite SWs.
RICHARD HARRISON lends such dignity, greatness, screen presence to ALL his Films.[/quote]

I actually watched it again last week, yeah it’s a forgotten classic.

As opposed to it’s other aka’s , it’s also known as RED PASTURES.

GUNFIGHT AT RED SANDS 1963 and numerous SWs made before Fistful Of Dollars
are absolute MUST WATCH SWs for all Genre fans as these pioneering films = CLASSICS :slight_smile:

Today I had the luck to find a very cheap DVD in a shop. It was “Duello nel Texas” and after watching it I thought this is a real classic for Spaghetti-Western Fans. The Music Score of Ennio Morricone (his first Western Score!) is very good, the pictures (guess who made it: Massimo Dalamano, the guy who also did the cinematography for A Fistful of Dollars and For a few Dollars more) were good either. Wouln’t call it a great Movie, but one of the best Eurowestern before Leone I’ve seen so far.
At the beginn there are some scenes of the mexican civil war and I was wondering about the high Body Count for 1963. I liked that racism against mexican was part of the story. It was also fine to see fellows like Richard Harrison, Aldo Sambrell and Dan Martin. :slight_smile:

I have the ITALIAN DVD for GUNFIGHT AT RED SANDS 1963 Richard Harrison= FAB

Reminds me of HIGH NOON 1952 and many other Cult Westerns.

Just rewatched this one in a much better, widescreen version and I must say I enjoyed it much more than the first time around. It’s that “what a difference a print makes” scenario again I suspect. Last time I saw it on a fullscreen, public domain effort. This time on the RHV release and there is no comparrison. So, I must say that having watched a bunch of early spaghettis recently this one jumps up around the top of that category. Obviously still infuenced heavily by the american 50s style but with a real edge to it and definite signs of what was to come in the eurowesterns to follow. Nice film, but try and see it in widescreen if you can.

On a seperate but connected note, I checked out the film’s page on the database here and was horrified to read a clearly inaccurate synopsis to the film. I quote:

Richard Harrison stars as a combatant in the Mexican civil war. In between bloody skirmishes with the enemy, Harrison takes time out to settle a personal score with his hated foster father.

Hated foster father? For those of you who haven’t seen the film, the Mexican civil war covers one scene near the beginning of the film and from then on Harrison spends the rest of the film avenging the murder of his beloved foster father. At first I thought it had been lifted out of Weisser’s book. But even he gets it more accurate! I’ll be updating the page today.

Just added a new review on this film to the database. For those interested the link is below. I also updated the synopsis on the film’s page to reflect the actual events in the film.