Gunfight at Red Sands / Gringo / Duello nel Texas (Ricardo Blasco, 1963)

I think it bears mentioning that Massimo Dallamano was also responsible for the great Spaghetti Western, BANDIDOS, as well as being Leone’s cameraman.

Nice review(s), Phil!!

This is actually one of my favorite early SW’s!

My picture quality of my Snynergy copy was really poor, but I thought the film was an interesting study of where the spaghetti genre would eventually take us. I thought it was similar to Texas, Adios in that it resembles a '50’s western, especially the way some of chase scenes are filmed on the open landscapes.

Eastwood definitely was the better choice for the famous Leone films. Can’t see Harrison pulling it off, although he was decent in his film.

The Morricone score is interesting. The lead song, “Gringo Like Me,” is hilarious; another song sounds like it would better suit The Godfather and the little tune at the beginning and that leads into “Gringo Like Me” sounds like the Flight of the Conchords. Pretty zany but I liked it.

I recently got the RHV release and plan on watching it soon. I’ve been interested in seeing some of the early spaghetti westerns and see the differences between them and what Leone did.

I’ve just seen that this film’s aspect-ratio is given in the data base as Vista Vision, a 2,35:1 widescreen format.
But according to my informations it must be Panoramico, which means 1,66:1 is correct. The german DVD is in 1,66:1, and it looks well.
It would also mean that an open matte full screen presentation is not wrong.

But I will not change it without asking.

What format has the italian DVD exactly?

Another question would be if not the spanish title Gringo (like Bruckner does) is the one which should be used?
(But Duello nel Texas is the better sounding one, for my ears.)

The RHV italian version I have states 1,66:1

[quote=“SARTANA DJANGO BALLADS, post:12, topic:515”]RICHARD HARRISON is an actor with a lot of screen presence and wonderful style.

I am not surprised Richard was offered the role Clint Eastwood made famous in Fistful $.[/quote] this is where i get confused richard harrison says when he turned down the part of the man with no name he recommended clint eastwood for the role. i have recently seen the interview with mark damon on the mario bava collection vol 1 boxset in which he says he recommended clint eastwood to sergio leone.which one was it?

It was actually me. But I don’t like to brag about it.

[quote=“Phil H, post:27, topic:515”]It was actually me. But I don’t like to brag about it.[/quote] he he. good on ya deputy

Ha ha, wonderful Phil, don’t hide your light under a bushel!

The list of people who were offered the Eastwood role in FISTFUL OF DOLLARS but turned it down (and recommended Clint) grows with each year. I don’t think anyone will ever know who is telling the truth or who is just–shall we say…enhancing their memory!

I got around to watching it a month ago and I really enjoyed it. It has some well shot sequences but it does show the differences where Leone changed the genre forever - no blood, no insane zooms. I’ll be reviewing this one when I watch it a 2nd time.

So far the best pre-Fistful italian western I have seen, from 63 but looks like it was made in 65. Produced by Jolly Film, the production company for which one year later Leone made his landmark western.

The violence and especially the final duel are made in typical Spaghetti style, which at the time of the making of Duello nel Texas hadn’t emerged.

Just viewed this one.

Enjoyed this time round with Richard Harrison good in the lead, with some not bad action and story.

Our play maker Dicfish has a computer injury, so for the moment we’ll have to do without his artwork, but you can read the texts of the upcoming

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:34, topic:515”]Our play maker Dicfish has a computer injury, so for the moment we’ll have to do without his artwork, but you can read the texts of the upcoming

[size=12pt]DUELLO NEL TEXAS SPECIAL[/size]:




That made me want to watch it. I’ve also read a article by Jesus at 800 spaghetti westerns.

Duello nel Texas has been updated to the new layout (3.0). Let us know if you can add anything: pictures, posters, trivia, facts, figures, links, etc…

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It looks like someday has arrived!!!

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I’ll get the new Blu of this when I can…if it’s anything like Gunfight at High Noon or The Seven from Texas I’ll probably really like it.

I also have a soft spot for pre-Leone Eurowesterns

I think these two are better films. Not to say that this one is bad, but more average imho. I’ll probably still get it though to check out what the new BR quality is like on it.