Guadix locations

Here are a few shots of a recent trip to Gor station (AFFODynamite).

From the movie:

The concrete marker is lying where the tracks used to be:


Nice to see these … assume you had a good trip? :smile:

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Great trip but I hit some bad weather - there was a storm blowing and heavy rain when I was in Buho and Pechina (but the weather at home was good while I was gone!) - the dirt roads started to look like rivers.
I will post more photos of the different locations.

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Here are a few more pics from the old Hernan-Valle railway line from AFFODynamite:

The rail bridge - this is a little hairy to cross

and the nearby location where Sean/Juan ride their horses on the track

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Here are 2 shots from OUATITW.
Cattle Corner

and Flagstone (partly merged with a farm with a herd of goats)


Happy to see there’s still some ‘Flagstone’ left ! better than nothing, but the locals sure don’t have much respect for cinema history.