Mystery of railway station esperanza/navajo joe

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ESPERANZA in the film Navajo Joe 1966.We know many scenes were filmed on and near location to Guadix Station.
There is a lot of information on social media and internet that ESPERANZA was close to Guadix station but living not that far away from Guadix station it is impossible as Guadix geographically is lower down than ESPERANZA being on a higher plain (altiplano) Take a look at the photos/filming.
Now the plot thickens from here. Was station ESPERANZA For 5 years myself and a few others have been trying to resolve the mystery of railway station especially built for the film set ( I think not) as the film Navajo joe was on a real tight budget as records show but again maybe it was built for the film. Then we have more mystery to throw into the cauldron it appears that ESPERANZA station has two tracks which may indicate it was filmed on a mainline. Guadix to Almeria has single track. Guadix to Baza has single track then the landscape changes beyond.
Another thing bugging us location hunters is what appears to be a double track line could actually be a change over line to allow trains to pass each other on a single line track( this is the normal action on single line track)
A lot of filming was done near Colmenar near to Madrid where lots of filming/films we,re made. Nicoletta Machiavelli in the film was contacted by an amigo but alas she could not remember other than she thought it was approx an hour away but she was not sure.So ive checked out all stations within 1 hour but nothing came to light. So getting to the point. Are any members on SWDB FORUM OR OTHER living near Colmenar the old western town. Can you help.I,m not on twitter but how about someone trying the younger part of the cast. Thanks for reading Pedro

Misterio estacion esperanza
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Nicoletta passed in Nov correct?

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She did indeed, yes.

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I did not say my amigo contacted her recently…this was in the past… But if your thinking is correct then this is sad and another actor gone forever

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Considering the skilful transitions from De Laurentiis western town in the Rome vicinity to Yucca City (Tabernas Desert) and - at the end of the film - other Almerian landscapes, are you absolutely sure that Esperanza station wasn’t an Italian location?

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Hi there JonathonCorbett… Firstly. Thank you for your time and reply to the mystery of :ESPERANZA:.I note what you say and welcome any input to solve this mystery. The film NAVAJO JOE with Burt Reynolds was a very low budget film in its time. It used a lot of Italians in the production of the film(behind the scenes and production team) but to date all outside scenes in the film we,re at locations in and around Almeria,Guadix,Colmenar,Torremocha… I have now researched and looked for this station for 6 years without any luck…I live near Guadix where some filming was done and know this area and Almeria locations very well. Also researched railway stations near Colmenar and Torremocha with the best maps that i can trump up… The problem we have is many old railway stations no longer exist due to development or economics… I WELCOME ANY SUPPORT from forum members…“Time and tide wait for no man” and as this rolls on getting more difficult to locate… Someone must know but where is ESPERANZA…There must be a wizzard out there to solve this … I am looking for a member near COLMENAR OR TORREMOCHA to completely rule out stations in these areas…
For me its a mystery with what appears to have double tracks coming into the station which maybe a main line station or was ESPERANZA built especially for the film at a location then dismantled… Due to costings my gut feeling is a railway station clad with timber and fittings. BUT WHERE… Thank you again

(pedro james) #7 All relevant photos are here on this page… Scroll down and look for Pedrofreila 3rd May 2015

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That’s relative.
It surely was not an expensive film, but it also was surely not a very cheap film. And compared to other Spags I assume it was a decent budgeted film. Most likely Corbucci’s biggest budgeted western up to this time, maybe up to 1968. The fact alone that it was shot in Spain and also had financial support from an US studio tells this.

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Hi There Stanton… Thank you for your reply. I,m only going by what it says on the internet ref costings and what they state is low compared to other films around this era give or take a couple years…My main aim is to try to find Esperanza… To date nobody in the world has cracked the code for Station Esperanza…
I live near Guadix station famous for so many films and trolled every station within an hour or so but nothing… So many stations that look similar and terrain where the train and Burt Reynolds is coming around the bend but nothing.But for sure it was not Guadix station as too far down in the valley…One of the original trains used in some westerns comes out once a year but guess you already know that… Any ideas is always welcome and comments. Cheers Pedro
Also have checked out the main line Guadix to Granada, again nothing looking like Esperanza