Goodbey dvdr covers!

goodbey dvdr covers!

that was it no more dvdr covers!

they were deleted by the host of this board

Here’s one I made. It’s just made from screenshots but I think it looks kinda cool.

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Great work, what program do you use, photoshop? Have you been doing this a long time?

I don’t make any covers, but maybe I could use some of yours :wink:

You could upload them on Imagevenue or someplace if you like, would be nice :slight_smile:

I sometimes use some existing covers on the net and just alter them slightly. But maybe it isn’t that hard to make new ones if you have the right tools?

Very nice :slight_smile:

Yes I know there are some home-made covers on Shobarys site.

Tom, your covers look great! Do you have cover (or good pictures) for any of these: time of vultures, Death at Owell Rock, Ringo the Lone Rider, El Puro, And the Crows will dig your grave, Hate thy neighbour or Jonathan of the Bears?
Here’s another one:

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Ok, thanks. Great cover for Ringo’s Big Night. That was actually one title I needed cover for too but I forgot it on my list above.

What kind of photoshop do you use?

I need to get that. By The Way good work.

No but after awhile I’ll get use to It.

I only found scans of these:

Jesse & Lester
Hannie Caulder
Halleluja and Sartana
30 winchester for a massacre
Fast hands is still my name
I came I saw I shot
Don’t wait Django, Shoot!
Wanted Johnny Texas
Sabata the Killer
Man called Amen
More dollari for the MacGregors

[quote=“tom”]could you post the covers of these movies?
I dont have orriginal copies of them, or what would be even nicer if you could email them to me, than the quality is better! would be great if you did![/quote]
I can send them to you by e-mail. In what size would you like them?

he asked what size!

Here’s one more I made:

[attachment deleted by admin, new size restrictions in place. max allowed size 40kb]

Tom, I’m just waiting for you to post a cover of a DVD that I have! What about Shanghai Joe, Have a Good Funeral and Apocalypse Joe? I’ve got the X-rated kult versions in the stupid oversize boxes! Some home made covers would allow me to put them in normal boxes that fit into the shelf with all my other DVD’s!

Muchos Gracias Amigo! Now to figure out how my printer works…

Django the Last Killer

[attachment deleted by admin, new size restrictions in place. max allowed size 40kb]

Excellent covers!!

tom, have you got any covers for these:
two guns for a coward
two crosses at danger pass
hey amigo a toast to your death
two thousand dollars for coyote
django kills softly
adios hombre
arizona colt returns
bastard go and kill
red harvest
white comanche
shoot to kill
gods gun
last gun
and for a roof a sky…
a stranger in town
dead men ride
sign of the coyote
Secret Of Captain O’Hara.
Dead For A Dollar
Durango,Pray To God & Die.
Sheriff Won’t Shoot.
Hatred of God
Ruthless Colt Of The Gringo.

cheers amigo

i only joined today tom, that was my first post ! thanks for the awesome covers keep them coming :slight_smile:

did you have any luck finding posters / pics for the turkish westerns?

hasta luego!!

Yo tom,

your DvD-Covers are the bomb !!!

these covers are great Tom, thanks!!
i found a few pics for the turkish western ‘yedi belalilar’ il email them to you later
hast luego