God Made Them … I Kill Them / Dio li crea … io li ammazzo! (Paolo Bianchini, 1968)

Entertaining little B-Western with interesting cast:

Dean Reed, Pietro Martellanza (as Peter Martell), Piero Lulli, Agnès Spaak, Linda Veras, Ivano Staccioli, Fidel Gonzáles, Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia.

The story is not very original but some nice action scenes are presented and violence shines through a couple of times: For example when Don Luis del la Vega (Martell) is forcing one of his henchmen to shoot himself in the arm (and is insanely laughing about it) or when Don Luis is torturing Josè with a knife !!!

The German video release b[/b] by Arcade is only running around 75min. but has decent picture and audio quality. According to Kessler there’s an Eastern German version b[/b] running around 90min. !??! You all probably know that Dean Reed decided to live in the GDR despising the US Vietnam policy !?

The score by Marcello Gigante fits in very well and even the song “God Creates Them, I Kill Them” sung by Dean Reed himself isn’t too bad !!!

What do you all think ?

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Database page: https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Dio_li_crea…_Io_li_ammazzo!

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This a real low budget affair but a good, fun time. Dean Reed’s hair is amazing. Linda Veras makes a promising appearance in the beginning and then is never seen again. You’re right, nice little cast. Ivano Staccioli is a favorite bit player of mine.
I’ll have to go back and give it a listen, I did not rememeber Dean singing the song!
I have the Global Video version (His Life Is Mine). Don’t know the length…

Reed sings the song while the closing credits are running (at least on the Arcade version) !

Anybody seen this in original length ?

You’re right RF, Dean’s hair is really amazing !!!

I liked the song! The soundtrack was good. The ending credits sequence was pretty funny too, with Agnes Spaak fainting after the kiss. The rest of the movie sucked in my opinion though. Deen Reed’s character was wholly unlikeable and irritating. He totally misplayed the well dressed James Bondian Killer that would later be the trademark of Garko.

Peter Martell totally over-acted as well. The script was a mess. But I still loved the song!

Saw this one at ceinema office today well kind of to many invoices, but in any case it was easy yo follow.

The story was typical, but not our hero. Dean Reed was in a way a strange figure at the time, the usual office crowd was not much happy with the film, they prefer more hard looking raw type heroes, not so much this James bond of the west type, so they gave up and went to see this nonsense football world cup (one wanted to see a Emmanuell movie ;D, imagine that, any client that entered would be surprised the least).
Confess that I didn’t dislike it, some comedy mix with violence (the body count is pretty good). The bad guys were nice, Martell that I remember from the French Sex Murders had a cool presence and the midget was also a cool toutch.
The photography and camerawork are under average, at least for the style usual standarts even in low budgets films. The soundtrack as cool with a lot of trumpets as I like. The film starts slow but goes on a growing mode and finishes well.

Average but nice to see

Just like in Bianchini’s Machine Gun Killers, the action is the best thing about it. Some funny spaghetti stuff going on, like the things Martell hides in his stick, the dwarf dog sitter and Reed’s booze compartment in his coach. And of course a combover that’s worse than Donald Trump’s. 5,5/10

I thought this was pretty average and slow paced… but it looks great, and Peter Martell was interesting.

Story starts ok, then goes no where for a while, but picks up at the end. When the film is going no where we have plenty of time to observe Dean Reads hairstyle, and what a style. I started to wonder if he came to the set with his own hair style products. Read plays his role super smug style, but he is fast with a gun so I can forgive him a bit. Joe the mexican guy was an ok guy, he could have easily overplayed his role. Peter Martell seemed to enjoy playing a mean son of a bitch. Mixed bag of a film, but still found enough elements to keep me viewing.

Peter Martell great overacting, midget with dogs, torture scene and Dean Reed looking like young Roger Moore, I like this movie ;D

Not outstanding but surely an interesting one for sure. I thought Dean Reed was alright in this even though he looked way to clean in the role of a fast hired gun, IMO he needed to have facial hair and a hat to cover his fine combed hair. ::slight_smile: Anyways, the action is decent and there’s some amusing stuff here and there, but i did not like Peter Martell and his overacting as the heavy, he didn’t look the part. Overall not bad!

Just viewed this one again via the Koch disc, which is great quality I thought. As others have said its a fun film. Lots of Spaghetti quirks going on. The star is having lots of fun and passed a bit of his fun onto this viewer. He is super smug, and time passes fast in this one.

I remember watching this some year ago when the Global Video-release came out and remember thinking that Dean Reed was totally unfit for the role he played but after rewatching it again through the Enzyklopädie-release I must say that he has grown on me.

The character he plays is meant to be super-slick and if there is any one that can be super slick, it’s Dean Reed :slight_smile:

He also seemed to be some kind of horse whisperer if you watch the interview that is on the Koch Media disc with director Paolo Bianchini. Picking one of the most difficult horses to ride in the movie, and doing that without trouble. He generally seemed to be a nice guy. Too bad it went as it went.

I must admit, I do find Reed’s later life in Germany quite an interesting chapter in his life.
I remember reading about all these strange theories behind his death, and a Russian show talking about him possibly being an undercover agent.
Still, I digress, I thought he was pretty good in this. He certainly massacred a lot of people with ease.

In in the interview mentioned above Bianchini certainly didn’t believe that he, Dead Reed, had committed suicide. He was convinced that someone had forced him to write the ‘suicide note’ and then, well…

Compared to the very short German version in the uncut version Dio li crea wins some ground. It is an amusing Spagie with some good scenes and a likeable hero. Just another early example of the talkative elegant hero with a lot of tricks and gadgets before Sartana and Sabata popularized this type of SW. 5/10

It has been on my to watch pile long enough now, I suppose

I’m also going to read a little about this guy Reed, interesting fellow yes. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Russian.

Reed has at least an amazing hairdo. In Germany we call such a “Föhnfrisur”. He has to grin a lot to get away with it. And he does.

It had been on the to watch pile quite a while, but I finally watched it and …

… It wasn’t half bad …


the bulk of the movie was shot near Tirrenia, Tuscany (South-west of Pisa), where a special western town (apparently no more than a corner) was built on the premises of the local Cosmopolitan Studios. I can’t think of any other spaghetti western shot in this Studio or western town. (...)

There are others, for instance Either All or Nothing, Heads or Tails, The Four Who Came to Kill Sartana and even El Puro (but not the final confrontation, that is Elios western town).

I’ll add the info to the review. Thanks