God Made Them … I Kill Them / Dio li crea … io li ammazzo! (Paolo Bianchini, 1968)

(The Man With a Name) #21

I enjoyed this. It’s nothing special but it’s certainly entertaining. I thought Dean Reed looked a lot like Roger Moore in this one. The Corbett character himself is very James Bond-like.

(JonathanCorbett) #22

In later years another one was Gianfranco Baldanello’s 10 bianchi uccisi da un piccolo indiano a.k.a. Blood River (1974).


I had no idea this was like a weird Pistol For Ringo rip-off. Definitely average but I’ll always love the title.

(autephex) #24

Great poster


Here’s mine

(autephex) #26

Nice, Dean! I’m jealous of your nice locanda collection - they are probably my favorite format of Italian poster. All framed and hung! My posters are all still folded away in storage until I can frame them

The art on that one is so cool though… would pair up nicely next to Starblack

(Søren) #27

Nice posters!

Got mine stored away aswell but only also got a couple of fotobustas:

(ENNIOO) #28

Dean Reed sure had some thick head of hair !

(autephex) #29


A new sub genre, ‘Rockabilly Spaghetti’ :laughing:

(morgan) #31

I’ll stick with the original.

(Søren) #32

Roger Moore’s got a serious set of hair but honestly Dean Reed is in a totally different ballpark. I hated Dean Reed when I first encountered him, in this exact movie actually via the Global Video release but have since grown to love him :slight_smile: There is not another in the spaghetti western kingdom quite like him :slight_smile: