God Forgives … I Don’t! / Dio perdona … io no! (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1967)

(Phil H) #81

Felt like revisiting an old friend today so rewatched this one.
Can’t remember how many times I’ve seen this film but it still gets better with every viewing for me. In fact on looking at this thread I was surprised to see that I had originally only given it 3 stars. It would certainly merit 4 from me these days if I could vote again. Frank Wolff alone would merit it. The scene near the end where he walks into the saloon looking for Hill and says “Too many people” before arbitrarily gunning down the two other inhabitants of the room was superb. One of my favourite sequences in a Spaghetti.

(chuck connors brother) #82

Yeah great scene… I love the scene transition where Frank Wolff jumps in one spot, then all of a sudden they’re outside in a duel.

(The Stranger) #83

Oh yes, a very good movie.
Wolff makes his best performance (with A Stranger in Town).

The film is produced so cheaply, but has a big impact.
An incredibly great atmosphere.
We really notice the tension and heat, the power of the air.
Should look like a SW.

The only negatives for me is the soundtrack. Is not my taste.

But otherwise a great film. My rating 8 / 10

(Ivn1945) #84

One of my favourite SWs, even though the plot is rather predictable.


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #85

Agreed. Rustichelli has no idea how to compose music for westerns. He’s pretty good in other genres though.

(Phil H) #86

Really? I like the soundtrack to this one. One of Rustichelli’s best in a western imo and fit the film really well.

(ENNIOO) #87

Dislike most Rustichelli scores.


Can’t think of a top-notch Rustichelli score either. Not among my favorite composers for sure.

(Starblack) #89

Mine neither. Doesn’t detract too much from an excellent movie, however.

(Silence) #90

Rewatched this one for the third time last saturday.

(ENNIOO) #91

And I have not seen it once yet :slight_smile: .


How come ENNIOO? You hate Rustichelli so much? :stuck_out_tongue:

(The Stranger) #93

Really. I love the movie, but I do not like the score.
I have also not heard a Rustichelli score, which I liked.
I think it does not fit in a SW.
I think the score a bit steals the SW feeling. 8)

(Silence) #94

I think the score is in this one is alright but then again I’m also a fan of Rustichelli.

(ENNIOO) #95

No reason really, but just tend to view the more obscure ones these days :slight_smile: .

(Silence) #96

Think you will enjoy this one Ennioo, it’s recommended!

(ENNIOO) #97

Look forward to it :slight_smile: .

(Silence) #98


(Stanton) #99

Rustichelli’s scores are indeed often different from the usual SW score. They are not made in the Morricone tradition.

I like them mostly.

The main theme played over the incoming train is excellent.

(chuck connors brother) #100

I listed this score in my top 10 favourites, reminds me of something from Angelo Francesco Lavagnino. Really like the operatic part in the opening titles, which is only in the Dutch DVD.