Give SW-like titles to famous movies

This is just a little game. Let’s SW-ize the Great Classics.

A few examples:

Death Played Chess (guess what)
Showdown in Death Valley (Greed)
Prepare To Die, Bastard… My Name Is Tony Montana (Scarface)
Nine Gloriosus Bastards (Fellowship of the Ring) or: Strider Is My Name… Prepare To Die!
For a Few Orcs More (The Two Towers) or: Strider Is Here… Buy Your Coffin Now
Let’ Go To Kill Orcs, Tierra y Libertad! (Return of the King, Zapata version) or: Return of the Strider

My name is Schindler… Pray your name is on my list!


A Cloud of Smoke… Cry of Creedence… Lebowski Is Coming
Colt Fiction
12 Angry Gunmen
Pistoleros of the Lost Ark
Citizen Django
A Stagecoach Named Desire
Who’s Afraid of Ringo Woolf?

KILLED ON THE 4TH OF JULY (by Django of course)

Full Metal Django
1901: A Western Odyssey
He Amigo stop worrying and learn to love Sabata
Don’t keep your Eyes wide open … Sartana will shut it

Fucking San Miguel :smiley:

Some like it hot… Django not!

Django the Dark Knight

Dial D for Django oh no, it should be Morse _… for Django

Quantum of Sartana
Django on a Plane
O Ringo, Where Art Thou?

I know what you did last funeral, Sartana!
Gunman & Robin
Laredo machine gun massacre
Any given shootout
JFK McGregor
Gringo holocaust
Not another spaghetti western
Raiders of the lost saloon
Laredo Pie
Stagecoach Carter
The third pistolero
Alien vs Ringo
The San Miguel strangler

Wasn’t that a joke German title for Die Hard II ?

He he, this is much more funny than this other title thread.

Liebesgrüsse aus der Cowboyhosen


Raging bullets
Gangs of San Miguel
The pistolero behind the iron mask
Sartana: Portrait of a serial killer
Escape from Laredo
Ringo wears Prada
How Django got his groove back
The gringo who knew too much
Snowwhite and the seven mercenaries

… and an (unintentionally) nice one from black metallers Darkthrone:
Grave with a view

White men can’t shoot
Gunplay of the living dead
Rise of the silver Django
Superman kills them all
Don’t be a menace to Silver City while drinking your whiskey in the saloon
Last saloon on the left
ET the bastard

The Return of Manco (Unforgiven)

A Pistol for Paul Kersey (Death Wish)

I am Dirty Harry…Your Angel of Death!

Amigo, a coffin for you…the Bride is Coming! (Kill Bill)

Black Killer (Shaft)

Too Much Mary for One Gringo (There’s something about Mary)

And the Gringo shags them all (Austin Powers)

I, Gringo (I, Robot)

Medieval Django (Alternative title for German release of Camelot)

They Call Him the Great White Ninja (Beverly Hills Ninja)

3 Gringo’s in Space (Kirk, Spock, McCoy)

MacLeod Kill!.. If you live…Slice! (Highlander)

The Colour of Ringo’s Money.

Where Gringo’s Dare.

Jaws and Peco Kill Everyone.

vendo cara la pelle (Pretty Woman)

Take a hard ride (Boogie Nights)

Figlio di Django (Home alone)

La grande silenzia (children of a lesser god)

Blindman (scent of a woman)

The bounty killer (The Bounty)

Killer Kid (Halloween)

The good , the bad and the ugly (The Three Musketeers)

Run man run (Forrest Gump)

or …
And God said to Citizen Kane :wink:

One Damned Day at Dawn … Alien meets Predator
The Great Silence … of the Lambs
My Name is Pinocchio