Gianni Crea

It seems almost everybody here hates this guys movies. I’ve been thinking about renting Finders Killers but I’ve been sceptical. How bad is he? Does anyone like him?

How many Spaghetti westerns do they have in the rental shop you go to?

Well, their websitehas not been letting me examine their inventory but I’d say about 100. Most of those are PALs or R2s but they carr the WE releases and VCI with some DVD-Rs thrown in. They have atleast over 100,000 movies. I am proud of them.

Nice stock!

You should be sceptical…Finders Killers is just plain bad. Not funny bad, not interesting bad. Just bad.

That’s the only Crea movie I’ve seen so I can’t speak for the rest of them…

Gianni Crea is definitely someone to avoid if you plan only on watching watchable spaghetti westerns :slight_smile:

I’ve only seen three of his movies: Finders Killers, Law of Violence and On the Third Day Arrived the Crow and of those three I actually think Finders Killers is the best which in itself should give you a clue to the qualities of Crea :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen any of this guy’s films yet. Would most people say he’s worse than Fidani? To be honest, i’ve pretty much enjoyed most of the Fidani stuff I’ve seen.

Yes. You should be frightened… On the Third Dayt Arrived the Crow is my all time worst spaghetti western. Crap city.

He is more boring. Where Fidani actually manages to get something done bordering the enjoyable Crea is merely boring. There really is no comparison, so no even if you like Fidani you’re probably going to hate Crea. I did at least. But hey one of the Crea movies I haven’t seen yet could be the top of the pops but I seriously doubt it at the moment.

But you should of course definitely see the Crea movies just for research reasons of course. Who knows maybe one of them will make your Top 20 :slight_smile:

Haha. I just saw this thread.
I definitely agree with Soren. You need to see a Crea. I have three. On The Third Day Arrived The Crow IS the worst. Finders Killers is close though.
I guess the real question for you Korano is not WHETHER to see a Crea but, instead, where to put this on your Spaghetti priority list.
Eventually, I want to see EVERY Spaghetti, even the bad ones. Especially the hideous ones. They are fucking hilarious. You gotta have the right frame of mind going into a viewing. I’m guessing you might feel the same way.
IMO Law of Violence is much better than Finders Killer or On The Third Day. Of course, that is saying very little. To me Crea’s films (the ones I’ve seen) are not as fun as Fidani’s. Sometimes Fidani’s are goofey fun. Crea’s are mostly just incompetent filmaking.
Finders Killers has Dino Strano. One my favorite bad movie villians.

Well, next weekend I’ll probably see Finders Killers. If only to see how bad it is. But hey, there are some on this forum who like Crea and can’t understand why you guys hate him so. Mayeb he’s worht it?

When I viewed Finders Killers I did not have to take a sleeping tablet.

Does that mean you liked it?

I guess not
It was so sleep-inducing that zzz…

Maybe they should distribute Crea SW DVDs only on prescription through pharmacies.

You must not exceed viewing more than two in the same evening…

… in order to avoid feeling to have to commit suicide :wink: :smiley: !

Well, Gianni Crea is a very special kinda guy… I would say he’s the worst SW director responsible for the worst SWs ! Among them On the third day arrived the crow and Seven devils on horseback ! Since Crow has Billy Boy Berger in it, I’d say Seven devils is the worst with Dino Strano and Mario Brega giving their worst SW performance !!!

I don’t hate the guy, he just wasn’t able to produce at least average stuff… He’s a king of trash though !!! Have a look at:,308.0.html

This is correct Bluntwolf :D.

The voice of wisdom speaks.

Korano, pay heed.

Except that with Crea you DO kinda get a two-for-one deal since he reuses footage so much.

Crea vs. Fidani

I have all Creas 5 films and Fidanis 13 and i think Fidanis films are alot better, don´t you think???