Gianni Crea

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I have recently seen Finders Killers and I found it very dull. Although I like O’Brien, he doesn’t look like a spaghetti hero. Does he reuse footage in this film?


Have you seen Crea’s Magnificent West? What is it like? I have been very interested in this film but have next to no info. Could you help me out?

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[/quote][quote=“tomobea, post:20, topic:1448”]Crea vs. Fidani

I have all Creas 5 films and Fidanis 13 and i think Fidanis films are alot better, don´t you think???


A long time i thought Crea is one of Fidanis pseudonyms,maybe because i avoid to watch their movies.
Now that i’ve seen a fistful (what a big word in affiliation with this ;)) of them,i must say you’re right - Crea is miles away from Fidani !