Get Mean (Ferdinando Baldi, 1975)

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Hope things go well :slight_smile:

(Rutledal) #42

Anyone know the name of the song that plays in the trailer?

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Sounds like Bob Segar’s Heavy Music:

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For all the fans of Tony Anthony and the Stranger series. I have finally made an English (the original) version of Get Mean. Check out the site I put up with some behind the scenes footage while in Almeria… (I talk to Tony everyday and since he isn’t a computer person…I have to tell him about the spaghetti western fan base…

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$14.95 and $5.50 postage for a DVD R ?

(Silvanito) #46

FAR OUT :smiley:

( The movie that is, not the price for the dvd-r :wink: )

(korano) #47

I love Tony Anthony’s movies. Every single spaghetti westernof em. I especially ike Get Mean. One of my favs. Never expected it to have it’s own site. What is the runtime of your release?

(Phil H) #48

No different to Franco Cleef’s prices and cheaper than Naushad’s.

(Søren) #49

Oh, but Naushad’s are pressed discs not dvdrs… And if you’re patient they CAN be had for roughly that amount.

If it is a ‘Tony Anthony-approved’ release it might be worth the trouble though. Eventhough it’s a dvdr… Hell, a signed by Tony-edition would be cool too :slight_smile:

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True (but if you buy direct from Franco Cleef you get them cheaper), but I just get all my Franco Cleef dvd rs in trades so they cost me next to nothing.

(Squonkamatic) #51

What is this?? I mean, can you tell us more about what we are looking at when we go to that website? Can you give us any information on print sources and how the supplementary material was put together? I have no problem with talent created DVD-R and the price isn’t an issue, the issue is just who’s doing this and in what capacity?

(Silvanito) #52

Someone on this site mentioned there would possibly be an official release of all Stranger movies though?

Maybe worth waiting for?

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Btw, tell Tony his cult SWs are really awesome

Hope he’s doing fine these days


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He seemed to be very much enjoying a few cigarettes in a fairly recent interview I viewed.

(alk0) #55

Were it can be seen?

(ENNIOO) #56

Probably not many places.

I have an SPO Japanese disc called ‘The Reward Disc’ which has around a 15 minute interview with Anthony who speaks about the Stranger films, in particular The Stranger In Japan.
Anthony makes me laugh in the interview.

(Squonkamatic) #57

He’s a punk, I love the guy.

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Sorry - I don’t check these boards that often, so let me clarify. I am the Presenter of Get Mean-- Tony told me to take that title when we produced the film–thought it was better than Executive Producer. Technology gave me the ability to make a DVD of it from the original. We are in current negotiations for an expanded release as well as new distribution. I have relayed your messages to Tony and he is amazed and pleased. Enjoy…

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[quote=“Lindberg, post:9, topic:1356”]Someone on this site mentioned there would possibly be an official release of all Stranger movies though?

Maybe worth waiting for?[/quote]

It was me.
The guys putting this out are with Mr. Anthony.
It is official.

The dvd is a great looking widescreen print.

(korano) #60

Why is he all the sudden releasing all his movies? I;m not complaining, I’m just curious.