[Germany] Django DVD Collector's Box

anyone heard of this? it’s a german edition, i’m thinking about buying, it features Django, Django Shoots First and Return of Django

DJANGO SHOOTS FIRST is not part of this box. The third film is TEXAS ADIOS. They used the BU / AB masters and quality is good. Only RETURN OF DJANGO is crap imho. Filmwise and qualitywise.

allright, my bad, the discription was in german so i just took a gues, great to know Texas, Addio is in it

if you own it, do you know if besides german dubbing and subtitles it has english or dutch subtitles?


yeah the german kinowelt box. nothing spectacular. texas adios is not a django film and django strikes again ins a crappy Rambo clone…

i suggest do what i do: wait until the BU Django SE gets a bit cheaper (currently 20 dollars) and buy that one. Get texas adios from AB (either in the box or seperate, although the box is gorgeous)

allright, i’ll try that

Well, if you buy the 2 US DVDs separately you’ll probably end up paying more than for this box set. The only upside of the US way would be the Franco Nero short which is on the latest US DJANGO release if I’m not mistaken (I don’t have it myself).

well but remember that Texas Adios is not a Django film and that the Anchor Bay box is really a must buy for a spaghetti lover

It’s no Django film, allright. But it’s still a good film imho.

yeah. didnt say otherwise. but it really shouldnt be in a django box :slight_smile:

they are selling it at ebay.de like crazy. they just say it’s FSK 16 (which it isnt) and presumably ebay doesnt kick them out

im scared of buying german dvd’s, i heard most em (including the django box) are just dubbed in german or italian with german subtitles

some also have english subtitles. but really: why should a german company release an italian film (where not even the italian track is the original track, coz those are dubbed, too) with english soundtrack? :slight_smile:

that django box is just 18 bucks here by the way. i can buy it in a store for anyone who really wants it (and lives outside germany)

Texas Adios might not be a Django movie, but due to Django fever in its era, almost all Franco Nero’s movie were retitled with Django name … hahaha, by the way, for information, Texas Adios has been aired in Indonesian television decade ago I guess (during my college days). It’s retitled “Adios, Django”! It was aired one week after the original Django (it was SW-month in that TV station - but that was the first and only and last SW-related event).

Hi Sebastian, How do u plan to work out the transactions ??? I want that box though :slight_smile:

paypal would be fine. depending on where you live it would be some extra for the shipping. but last i checked, that box was some 17,99 EUR in a store over here…

Not a bad price, indeed. By the way congratulations for the 500th post in your forum, good job Sebastian. ;D

500? where do you read that?

I am in India…can u please find out how much is the shipping till there ?? and yeah the post counts thing is on the top left on the home page for forums

oh yeah, i thought I had 500 posts :slight_smile: thanks

i’ll try to find out shipping to India. Make sure you have a region-free dvd player. wait… does the box even have english subtitles?