George Hilton is not dead! Viva Hilton!

Just received word that George Hilton passed away yesterday (Jan. 20, 2010). I have yet to hear what was the cause of death.

Sad news for Spaghetti Western fans everywhere…


One of my favourite Italian cinema stars.

R.I.P. George


This is just awful news where did you hear this?

The man was a damn fine actor, a legend in both SW and Gialli.

RIP 1934-2010.

R.I.P. amigo

Got a second message from my source in Italy that said that Hilton died of a “probable heart attack” during the night (in his sleep, I suppose) of Jan. 19th-20th.

I almost always enjoyed Hilton’s performances.

No offense, amigo, but I can’t say where I heard it first (the source requested I not say).
However, Edwige Fenech posted about this on her Facebook page a little over an hour ago and just a few minutes ago a new Facebook page, called “Addio George” was created.
Also, I just noticed Hilton’s entry on the Italian Wikkipedia was updated earlier today.
Haven’t found any obituaries, as of yet.


This is very sad news indeed. Hilton was a class act and will be sadly missed.
Rest in Peace George.

One of the greatest actors of the genre. R.I.P.

What a shame indeed. But on a positive side what a great legacy Mr. Hilton leaves, with all the films he starred in.

Rest in Peace, George.

Just scrolling through topics and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this. Damn! Terribly sad news.

R.I.P. George !

He was starring in the first “Django” movie I’ve seen after the original Django with Nero. “Django - Ein Sarg voll Blut” (Il momento di uccidere) is also among the first SWs I’ve seen and I immediately liked George Hilton (as Lord / in the German version as Django) very much. I also enjoy almost all of his SWs.

It would be nice if we all left some words in Facebook’s Addio George!

It was always a pleasure to watch George Hilton.

R.I.P George.

I agree, amigo!
I was the first one to write on the group’s wall.

Ei, Pedro!
I really liked your comments on the ADDIO GEORGE! Facebook group. You are right, we often don’t think of how much we like a performer until they are no longer with us. And that image of him as Hallelujah with his sewing machine gun is hard to forget!
Hilton will truly be missed.

What terrible news. George was one of the greats of the genre and never gave a bad performance. The Italian Wikipedia is also listing his death as January 20, 2010. But like the others I have not found an obit. I have created one and will post it in Cemetery With Crosses. RIP amigo :frowning:

I don’t know what is happening but Federico (who I believe is behind lots of the interviews in Koch Media SW discs and on some others… for example interview with George Hilton in the recent French giallo discs by Neo) at the lovelockandload board says he talked on the phone with George Hilton TODAY MORNING (Thursday).

Very odd… and eery

Ask around and see what you can find out!
I have not been able to find any official obituary for Hilton, as of yet.
I would hate to have been the victim of a hoax and to be spreading false news.
Please let us know what you can, when you can.
I will keep looking for further information, too.

The sources I have received this news from (apart from the facebook pages) should be reliable; but, they may have fallen victim to the same misinformation, if in fact Hilton is not dead.