Fury of Johnny Kid / Dove si spara di più (Gianni Puccini, 1967)

(Dorado) #1

I just got this film on the Koch-media label it runs 98 min. It is in 2.35:1 ratio. It has Italian and German sound options + English sub options and the quality is flawless as always with Koch-media products.

The film stars Peter Lee Lawrence and regulars Peter Martel and Piero Lulli.
The plot revolves around a fight between two big families the Monter family and the Campos family and a love story between the lead character Johnny Monter and Giulietta Campos.

The film is above average IMO and I recommend it without reservation.

(Stanton) #2

It actually is 86 about min long which is equivalent to the uncut runtime of 89 min. The cover has it wrong.

Strangely the film was released in Germany only 5 and a half years after the italian release.


(Sebastian) #3

so which ending is it? I’m not done yet so you can post, but I won’t read it.

btw, the quality of the DVD is not exactly flawless, it’s probably one of the worst video transfers by Koch I’ve seen in a while, but it adds charme and I just love the movie so far…

but now let me finish the ending :wink:

(Paco Roman) #4

I proofed the runtime and it was 84 minutes.

(Bluntwolf) #5

I’ve just enjoyed watching that movie. A really nice cast, some bizarre ideas and appropriate score/atmosphere make this one a recommended winner. I especially liked the grim ending !!!

(Sebastian) #6

yeah. loved it

(autephex) #7

anyone know if there are any english audio versions floating around? would be nice to add an english track to the Koch release

(LankyFellow) #8

I watch this yesterday evening.
At last a serious,hard and straight western with a green PLL.
Was this his first leading role as Arthur Grant ?
I like the final massacre,too.The idea with the reaper is great (to short).Ithink its a one time appearance in an italo western !?

(Phil H) #9

I really enjoyed this one. Great release from Koch in my opinion.

Anyhow, here is my take on it:


(Bluntwolf) #10

Great review, Phil ! :slight_smile:

(autephex) #11

[quote=“Phil H, post:9, topic:1471”]I really enjoyed this one. Great release from Koch in my opinion.

Anyhow, here is my take on it:


Nice review Phil. Haven’t had a chance to watch FoJK yet, been saving it for a “special occasion” as I have a strong feeling it will end up in my top 10… think I might just give it a viewing this week

(Dillinger) #12

I just watched this one, and I can say, it’S better than expected. I’m not a big fan of Hirenbach, but I think he fits into this movie quite well, ecpecially in the beginning when he really is Johnny Kid.

I’m not a big fan of Martellanza either and so I had the fortune of looking forward to his very predictalbe death.

You know I’m also not much into this sidekick-scheme, but Mejuto as Hirenbach’s teacher was enjoyable.

One last thing is the music. SOme parts are OK, but all in all not a big score. The different parts don’t fit together, maybe the whole film is just badly cut, therefore the heterogeneous sound. Don’t know…


Mixed feelings about this one here. It begins quite well and the grim nihilistic ending is particularly cool, but the middle part with that all love stuff bored me quite a bit. Both chicks were outstanding nontheless.
Anyway, although it’s not the SW i would easily recommend to anyone, it does get a solid 3 out of 5 stars from me.

(Reverend Danite) #14

It gets the full 5 stars from me. I’ve previously only seen a reasonable wide-screen, but Spanish language version of this, and it is remembered fondly from seeing it a few years ago despite my lack of understanding of the lingo.
Seeing the Koch media version tonight, meant I got so much more out of it - particularly in regards to the relationship between old hook-hand and the neophyte PLL - this ‘extra’ made it for me.
Brilliant acting from all involved - and a brilliantly twisted Romeo and Juliet based story. I wasn’t bored for a moment with the film, and even more recently I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading Phil’s thoughts about it.

(Phil H) #15

A nice release in correct aspect ratio can do wonders for a film can’t it. Makes you wonder why anyone ever thought that filling the TV screen was more important than showing the whole picture.

This is a great film either way and holds a firm position in my Alternative Top 20.

(Starblack) #16

Absolutely. Even relatively modest films (Days of Violence springs to mind as another Koch release) are boosted by the process - perhaps modest films most of all.

Johnny Kid is first class. I especially like the quirky inter-male relationships between Johnny and Lefty on the one hand (literally, in Lefty’s case), and Peter Martell and Piero Lulli on the other.

(Bill san Antonio) #17

Finally saw this, good solid western and one of PLL’s better films but not a top film for me. Story is better than in average sw and the actors are fine (though I’m not big fan of Martell either) but music wasn’t that good imo. The title sequence is weird. It looks like they edited it with different music that plays during it.

My rating: 7/10

(Silver Wolf) #18

I noticed that too when watching the KOCH Media version. After finishing the film I actually checked the Spanish DVD expecting it to have a different theme song than the Italian dubbed KOCH release, but the theme song was the same…

(The Stranger) #19

For me, next to Johnny Hamlet another disappointment.
I had high hopes because of the good opinions.
But for me it was only average.
I am absolutely no fan of Lawrence.
I think he does not fit into a spaghetti Western.

Moreover, this love story is far too kitschy. Giulietta Campos loves Johnny, though she has only seen him twice! Wow, that’s fast!!
Ok it is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.
But this story does not fit in a spaghetti Western.

There are many similarities to Johnny Hamlet: the Story of Shakespeare, beautiful location and beautifully photographed, the two main characters called Johnny …
And yes, both films came from Koch on DVD.
And a personal opinion: Both films have not fascinated me.
My Rating 5 / 10

(Silence) #20

I think it does. Ok, maybe not the love story but the gringo-mexican war idea fits perfectly.