Four Dollars of Revenge / Four Dollars for Vengeance / Cuatro dólares de venganza (Jaime Jesús Balcázar, 1966)

A review of this early Balcázar western starring Bobby Woods is now up:

Available on Blue Ray now but as I do not have a player, thought I would view the fandub of the French widescreen dvd instead. Woods looks different with a beard here, and looks super thin when he sports his over large poncho. Would be ideal for my bed as pretty cold at the moment at nights in Manchester. Woods is the innocent man framed for stealing some dollars, and takes till the end of the film till he sorts things out. Was starting to think at one point things would not get sorted. Over melodramatic when Woods is accused of the crime and when he is not accused of the crime. The colonel in charge of Woods is super off hand, and sort of made me smile. Film kept me watching though, mainly due to Woods as like him in westerns. [font=times new roman][/font]

What the hell do you want with a skinny Robert Woods in your bed?

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Bob and Ennioo snuggled up like spoons. Not a picture I needed to have in my mind at this time of the morning.
Besides, doesn’t that beard and nightcap keep you warm enough, Ennioo?


Always seem to be cold these days, maybe a longer beard may help :smiley: .

“4 Dollars of revenge” is the second film one on the Mill Creek blue ray double bill where the other film is “The last gun”
The transfer is a lot better than that of the first film which was not bad by any means. The film runs approximately 87 min and is in widescreen format.
The film is more civil war drama than a western IMO. Robert Woods plays an army captain just returned from the civil war. Shortly after his return home his is wrongly condemned to lifetime in prison for having stolen a load of gold and having deliberately caused the death of the men in his regiment.
He escapes prison and then the hunt for the people who framed him begins.
A decent film, but not one of Wood’s best.

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Cheers Phil :slight_smile: .

I watched this via the Mill Creek Blu-Ray and enjoyed it. It started slow but picked up its pace as it went along. I guess it’s a COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Western, like THE REVENGE OF RINGO - one of my favourite SWs. The action sequences were nicely-handled. All in all, it was a fun film with some original elements (eg, the swordfight at the end of the movie).

I bought the Televista DVD thinking that it would be high quality for the price. I haven’t watched the film yet but I was certainly disappointed when I tested the quality. It’s fullscreen and quite grainy.

Didn’t expect much from this but better than expected… gets better when Woods is out of the cavalry uniform, easy to figure out who betrayed him… the nice looking print on the bluray helps a lot, gun shots sound great, main theme was really nice as well.

I thought it was a good film and it did have some original ideas. I think it needed a better score though. My rating: 3/5

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Watched it yesterday. Took me a while to realize that it was based on The Count of Monte Cristo. Dexter’s escape from the gulag and his fiancée’s name, Mercedes, made the penny drop at last. Those visual references to Soviet gulags must have pleased the Francoist regime.

Sources: Wikimedia, Gulag History

Picked up a French DVD in Brussels last year, but haven’t got around to watch it. What did you make of the film?

It’s flawed, but I liked it anyway (cf. “acquired taste”); mainly because it offers such a wild farrago of disparate influences and elements: American cavalry Westerns, Dumas’s famous revenge story, action and melodrama, desert-riding and ballroom-dancing, revolver-shooting and saber-fencing, lone whistling and trumpeting and heroic all-male choir singing – and the above-mentioned astonishing gulag sequence. Since last year’s SpagvemberFest, I have more and more come to appreciate Spanish Westerns from the first half of the 1960s, made before the Spaghetti Western craze started.

Dangerous stuff.

Desert-riding and lone whistling sit fine with me. Don’t know about ballroom dancing and saber-fencing.

Found and 88 min English audio version. That should be uncut, I guess.

Not to worry – I still prefer Conan the Barbarian to Ator l’invincibile … um, on second thought, maybe I don’t …

1:27:52, credits in English, starring “Robert Wood”?

I prefer Howard’s stories. As far as I know I have all he ever wrote…

No, it’s 1:27:38, Spanish credits and Robert Woods. Not very good picture quality, so I watched the French DVD with the English audio on my ears and had to pause the DVD frequently for the audio to catch up. Not ideal. At least I can confirm that the French 94 min DVD covers the same ground as the 98 min.

I remember reading some of them in my late teens, as a sort of lowbrow antidote to school-required highbrow modern literature and as a barbarian vade mecum for the rebellious young man. I also liked the comic-book adaptations done by Roy Thomas, Barry Smith, John Buscema et al. in the seventies. My favorite Conan comic-book story: “Beyond the Black River” – great artwork by J. Buscema and Tony DeZuniga. But, by Crom, I’m savagely beyond the confines of this thread’s topic.

I suppose you mean 84 and 88 minutes, respectively. I have two versions: the one mentioned above and one with French credits and Spanish audio (1:23:57).

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