Does anyone else have an interest in food?
I love italian and mexican food, real spaghettiwestern-food 8)
And also nice bread, olives, red wine and so on.

A funny thing is also that food is many times highlighted in spaghettis, especially in Leone’s films, I guess it’s typical for an italian :wink:

There is a dish it is Puerco Pibil .Johnny Depp always ate it in the movie Once upon a time in Mexico which is from Robert Rodriguez.Well on the DVD is a ten minute cooking school where you can learn how to cook Puerco Pibil … very nice(,but in germany you cannot get Banana leaves :wink: ).So I searched and I found the recipe for all the people who do not have the dvd :wink: —>

It’s beans and bacon for me but what the heck, even angels eat beans :slight_smile:

Yeah, real gringo-food :wink:

Time for some foodtalk :slight_smile:

I really love onions, they’re good, cheap, superhealthy and go with everything!

Ordinary yellow onion ( do they have a special name in english?) is wonderful with most dishes, a must in tomato-sauce!

Red onion is perfect with sallad just pour some oliveoil on top.

Leeks are also wonderful, perfect with potatosoup for instance.

Garlic is incredible, I use it almost everytime I cook, gives a fantastic flavour :slight_smile:

Watermelon is really nice to eat in the summer, doesn’t cost very much, but is a real delicatessen in my opinion :slight_smile:

home-made cheeseburgers (huge ones!)

With pommes/ french fries ?

Potatoes is also wonderful by the way, and you can do a lot of different dishes with them!

Potatogratin is fantastic for instance, with lots of garlic :slight_smile:

maybe we can come up with food that is often featured in spaghetti westerns

Must be tortillas don’t you think? Wonderful food by the way :slight_smile:

yeah i love it.

but i am not sure they appear in western films.

mostly its chilli beans (trinity movies) or meat

…or simply bread!

I get always hungry when I watch the bounty hunter eating chicken in The Great Silence.

You do ???

That looks pretty disgusting to me, he burps and blows his nose at the same time he’s eating, not very nice :wink:

I always fancied that meal Angel Eyes helps himself to before shooting Fernando Rey in GBU.

the rich people eating at the beginning of Giu La Testa, that’s also disgusting :wink:

Very disgusting!

Anyway, like Lode said, bread is featured in spaghettis, also in the scene Cian is talking about.

Just had the same thought…

Garcia eats a lizard at the beginning of Corbucci’s “Il Mercenario” :wink:

I love nachos.

Lasagna is really nice :slight_smile: