(Silvanito) #1

Does anyone else have an interest in food?
I love italian and mexican food, real spaghettiwestern-food 8)
And also nice bread, olives, red wine and so on.

A funny thing is also that food is many times highlighted in spaghettis, especially in Leone’s films, I guess it’s typical for an italian :wink:

(Musket) #2

There is a dish it is Puerco Pibil .Johnny Depp always ate it in the movie Once upon a time in Mexico which is from Robert Rodriguez.Well on the DVD is a ten minute cooking school where you can learn how to cook Puerco Pibil … very nice(,but in germany you cannot get Banana leaves :wink: ).So I searched and I found the recipe for all the people who do not have the dvd :wink: —>

(Bill san Antonio) #3

It’s beans and bacon for me but what the heck, even angels eat beans :slight_smile:

(Silvanito) #4

Yeah, real gringo-food :wink:

(Silvanito) #5

Time for some foodtalk :slight_smile:

I really love onions, they’re good, cheap, superhealthy and go with everything!

Ordinary yellow onion ( do they have a special name in english?) is wonderful with most dishes, a must in tomato-sauce!

Red onion is perfect with sallad just pour some oliveoil on top.

Leeks are also wonderful, perfect with potatosoup for instance.

Garlic is incredible, I use it almost everytime I cook, gives a fantastic flavour :slight_smile:

(Silvanito) #6

Watermelon is really nice to eat in the summer, doesn’t cost very much, but is a real delicatessen in my opinion :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #7

home-made cheeseburgers (huge ones!)

(Silvanito) #8

With pommes/ french fries ?

Potatoes is also wonderful by the way, and you can do a lot of different dishes with them!

Potatogratin is fantastic for instance, with lots of garlic :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #9

maybe we can come up with food that is often featured in spaghetti westerns

(Silvanito) #10

Must be tortillas don’t you think? Wonderful food by the way :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #11

yeah i love it.

but i am not sure they appear in western films.

mostly its chilli beans (trinity movies) or meat

(Lode) #12

…or simply bread!

(Bill san Antonio) #13

I get always hungry when I watch the bounty hunter eating chicken in The Great Silence.

(Silvanito) #14

You do ???

That looks pretty disgusting to me, he burps and blows his nose at the same time he’s eating, not very nice :wink:

(Cian) #15

I always fancied that meal Angel Eyes helps himself to before shooting Fernando Rey in GBU.

(Sebastian) #16

the rich people eating at the beginning of Giu La Testa, that’s also disgusting :wink:

(Silvanito) #17

Very disgusting!

Anyway, like Lode said, bread is featured in spaghettis, also in the scene Cian is talking about.

(Keoma) #18

Just had the same thought…

Garcia eats a lizard at the beginning of Corbucci’s “Il Mercenario” :wink:

(CJ_076) #19

I love nachos.

(Silvanito) #20

Lasagna is really nice :slight_smile: