Finders Killers / Se t’incontro, t’ammazzo (Gianni Crea, 1971)

can anyone tell e more about this western? is it any good?

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the movie you’re looking for is this one:'incontro%2C_t'ammazzo

apparently we don’t have too much info on it yet as it seems

I have a copy of that movie,

I didnt have time to watch it yet.
looks like the average spaggetti.
my version is: english no subs - 16:9 - 89 min - techno film - good quality

ok .thanks
it’s going to be released over here but i think full screen

where’s “over here”? :wink:

Is this film a good one? Crea has a bad reputation but I heard someone say they liked it.

I’m the only one who has voted for the poll at the moment so you can guess my opinion.

I’m the second one who voted …

[quote=“tom, post:3, topic:450”]I didnt have time to watch it yet.
looks like the average spaggetti.
my version is: english no subs - 16:9 - 89 min - techno film - good quality[/quote]Tom is not around here anymore but I’ll comment this here anyway. I used to have Techno film’s version and it is actually not real 16:9 but the aspect ratio changes from 4:3 to 16:9 once in a while. Very distracting imo.

Actually it will be really a guess, cause all non voters don’t see the voting results

If you haven’t voted yet, there’s an option ‘view results’, if you click on it, a miracle happens

Bill and I are the only voters so far, so I guess it’s hard for non-voters to say who gave the first one star, and who gave the other
But I can assure you: when you watch this movie, you’ll become a loyal member of the one-star-family

Promised !

Oh god, ha ha, unbelievable, sometimes you don’t see what’s directly before your eyes!!!

How long am I on this forum? Downgrade me to Amateur Gunrunner, I’m not worth to be called Django. And I always thought I was the real one, I’m not, ashes on my head …

I have to have that movie !!!

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For my sins just viewed this one again.

Lots of horse riding, Dean Stratford playing a 70’s macho stud, Gordon Mitchell saying things like women have caused me problems in the past (but still manages to take the woman to bed), lets just put a load of junk in the street and shoot at stuff…and so on.

A typical Crea: Lousy story, lousy locations, lousy actors, stolen music (I think from The Ugly Ones)… = boring and stupid movie !

Well, at least O’Brian, Mitchell and Strano are participating ! They’re kind of fun to watch while they’re trying to act :slight_smile: !

Not as bad as Seven Devils on horseback or On the third day arrived the Crow but close and still considered to be a Trash-Western !

When viewing this,I at the very least expected some Fidani entertainment but Crea is a filmmaker seemingly uncapable of creating a believeable motion picture. I word I say in the same sentence with Crea at much displeasure.

I watched this yesterday on the Swedish Techno/Fletcher tape, what a complete mess, haha! Long shootingscenes and various guys acting “tough”, but very little of a comprehensive story. All in all very cheap, looks like it could have been scraped togheter from two or three unfinished films… probably one of those that played for a few weeks in the Italian countryside.
Recommended if you desperatly need to see every spaghetti. Well Donal O´Brien is allways nice to see, but really this is the bottom of the barrell stuff…

Finally saw this one last night… what can I say, typical trash. It wasn’t as entertaining as a Fidani flick but wasn’t too bad for my tastes as this is what I enjoy! What I can say, negatively, is that shootout towards the beginning is just way too long though! And that whole thing about stolen gold, etc. basically has nothing really to do with anything, hah. Needless to say, if you like trashy flicks, you may like this.

I enjoy some trash, but this is a horrendous piece of crap that is no fun whatsoever.