FILMS WITH SPAGHETTI WESTERN MUSIC ( that are not spaghetti westerns)

Having seen " Inglorious Basterds" recently and hearing some of the music in it, what other films feature spaghetti western like soundtracks? the only one that immeditely comes to mind with me is " Lone Wolf Mcquade" which is a great piece of film music.

Most of the Tarantinos, of course.

I haven’t seen them, but I’ve heard(!) that both Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 have Spaghetti Western music played in them. Apparently the Death Rides a Horse theme figures quite heavily.

Sure they have (I actually haven’t seen them either but I’ve seen enough to know that).

EDIT: By the way, I also saw a Swedish TV program that used a part from the Forgotten Pistolero theme.

[quote=“man with a name, post:1, topic:2170”]the only one that immeditely comes to mind with me is " Lone Wolf Mcquade" which is a great piece of film music.[/quote]De Masi’s finest spaghetti western score for a non spaghetti western (if you know what i mean)

A lot of Hong Kong cinema uses scores lifted from spaghettis.

The Korean film THE CITY OF VIOLENCE has SW style music after the two heroes take a beat-down and start to fight back. Not good enough with identifying music to know what this was lifted from.

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:6, topic:2170”]A lot of Hong Kong cinema uses scores lifted from spaghettis.[/quote]yes they did yodlaf, i’d forgotten that fact. thanks

And of course they use the classic spaghetti western tunes in a lot of mainstream movies. Recently I saw the comedy Couples Retreat where they played the main theme from For a Few Dollars More to a Guitar Hero battle :slight_smile:

They played the “Navajo Joe” theme in the movie “Election”.

“60 seconds to What?” is played in Takeshi Miikes “Young Thugs: Nostalgia”

Morricone’s soundtrack for “Two mules for sister sarah” too.

Just watched BLIND RAGE (1978), heist flick about 5 blind guys robbing $15 mil, and there’s a loungey version of a tune i’ve heard in a SW before. I’m lousy at remembering film music, but it goes " A chance in your life, you find in a dream. When you realize you’re lost with your scheme’s. We live in a world of heartache’s and pain, and somehow you feel life’s but a game."

Bruno Nicolai’s main theme to Fenomenal is a Eurospy retread of Morricone’s theme from Navajo Joe, at least the parts where both characters are named.

I’m not quite sure what constitutes ‘spaghetti western music’ specifically… A): the use of various 19th-century instruments, or B: a recurring sequence of title-theme variations to highlight characters and situations. Morricone is famous for combining both. Other composers usually stick with the ‘latter’…

Off the top of my head… You Can’t Win Them All (Soldier Of Fortune), which opens silently, as Tony Curtis is frantically bailing-out his leaky lifeboat. He spots an approaching trawler… Then we see Charles Bronson’s character relaxing aboard the trawler, and hear him playing a ‘juice harp’… which immediately sets-the-mood for mischief and danger. The sweeping orchestration of the main-title kicks-in several minutes into-the-film. And it’s romantically lush. A bit later, there’s even a sequence which features the merc-army whistling The Gary Owen, which was Custer’s 7th-Cavalry theme.

This is the most comprehensive list I have seen:!

I’m constantly hearing SW music in Shaw Brothers movies. One that immediately comes to mind is Savage Five which uses quite a bit of the music from DRAH. Its a pretty good movie also :slight_smile:

[quote=“sartana1, post:16, topic:2170”]I’m constantly hearing SW music in Shaw Brothers movies.[/quote]There’s a shitload.

The Chuck Norris flick Lone Wolf McQuade has a great SW themed soundtrack.

My absolute favorite scene in this regard is Kelly’s Heroes, the showdown with the German tank.

Here’s the scene on YouTube:

Probably mine aswell, great moment.