Favourite spaghetti main-themes?

What are your favourite main-themes?

For me Django is one of the best that has a singing vocal!

And of course there are loads of instrumental themes that are just great!

Fistful, GBU, Ballata Per Un Pistolero, Django Kill, Companeros, Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe, etc, etc!! ;D

Few from the top of my head:
Ennio Morricone - A fistful of dollars, For a few dollars more, The good, the bad and the ugly, Once upon a time in the west, A fistful of dynamite, My name is nobody, Navajo Joe, The big gundown, The mercenary
Luis Enriquez Bacalov - Django [english version], The grand duel, A bullet for the general [va me voy]
Bruno Nicolai - Adios Sabata, Have a good funeral my friend Sartana will pay
Andre Hossein - Cemetery without crosses
Riz Ortolani - Day of anger
Roberto Pregadio - Forgotten pistolero
Guido & Maurizio de Angelis - Keoma, Mannaja [wolf]
Stelvio Cipriani - Blindman
I might have forgotten something - so many great themes! And i’m sure i will cme across many good ones in the future

There are so many amazing main themes to Spaghetti Westerns it’s hard choosing just one. It probably would be For A Few Dollars More. It has everything, but the music of the pocket watch and that incredible church organ are what really make it special for me

I like Navajo Joe and all the screaming before the track gets into its stride, you just know this is Morricone music on full out mode.

Yes, that’s right Navajo Joe is really great, also the credits themselves with the bandits riding!

Gianni Ferrio - Ben & Charlie… The main title song is extremely catchy!

My favorite has to be “man to man” from death rides a horse.

I dont know if its my favourite one, but Vamos a matar companeros is quite catchy.

And i love the sean theme from duck you sucker. Django is also great. Instrumental stuff is also a lot of good stuff.
once upon a time in the west; the harmonica of course; i mean the movie is called play me the song of death in german, so this is a true iconic MAIN theme.

If I must say only one title, it’s C’era una volta il west (Once Upon A Time In The West)

i agree!!
never saw the movie - but the soundtrack is great!

and, yeah…Navajo Joe is one of my fav scores too - besides TGTB&TU and The Big Gundown
my fav vocal tracks are from Django, Companeros and Prepare a coffin

The Good The Bad & The Ugly gets my number 1 vote.

Bubbling Under.

For A Few Dollars More and The Great Silence.

This is really tough. There are tons of great themes from Italian Westerns!!

There are the obvious ones, for me, like: “Titoli” from A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, the title theme from FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, and many many more.

One theme I absolutely adore is Ivan Vandor’s title theme for Questi’s IF YOU LIVE–SHOOT! (aka, DJANGO KILL!). I find that song haunting and invigorating all at the same time.

I also have to make mention of Francesco De Masi’s fabulous main themes for SEVEN DOLLARS ON THE RED, JOHNNY HAMLET, KILL THEM ALL AND COME BACK ALONE, THE MOMENT TO KILL, and many many more.

Yes that’s definitely one score that is desperately in need of a cd soundtrack release… So unlike any other score written for a spaghetti western I can think of.

Chris, have you seen/heard the german version of Cemetery without Crosses where they had used this main theme for several key scenes. It’s fascinating.

It’s ruining, you mean of course. Those crazy Germans :slight_smile: The Cemetery Without Crosses soundtrack is really another one I would like to own the soundtrack for. Bloody brilliant.

The Great Silence
Johnny Hamlet
Texas Adios
Five Man Army (I haven’t seen the film but I’ve heard the main theme on a Morricone compilation)
Death Sentence

I like Apocalypse Joe, Light the Fuse Sartana, I am Sartana Your Angel of Death, Have a Good Funeral Sartana, Garringo, Sabata, The Big Gundown, Viva Django and of course, the Leone films.

The “Navajo Joe” main theme is pure gold.

On a slightly more obscure note, I’ve been in love with the main theme from “Lo Chiamavano King” ever since I first heard it in the Red Dead Revolver video game.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is probably at the top, although I love Companeros, and for some odd reason, I’ve always loved Sabata.

Sabata was covered by a U.S. band called Hellbenders. It’s on iTunes and is damn good. The album is called “Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die”

I love the theme from Day of Anger, as well as that crazy-ass acoustic guitar theme from Death Rides a Horse. And the main theme from Companeros always makes me laugh because the singing sounds so silly.