Favourite Demofilo Fidani pseudonym (fake name)?

I rememeber seeing it used once. Checking imdb I can see that it was used for Godfather’s Advisor which I had the misfortune to sit through once. The worst Italian crime movie I’ve ever seen. Incredibly boring.

[quote=“Søren, post:21, topic:2033”]I rememeber seeing it used once. Checking imdb I can see that it was used for Godfather’s Advisor which I had the misfortune to sit through once. The worst Italian crime movie I’ve ever seen. Incredibly boring.[/quote]Ok, thanks. I haven’t seen that one.

Painful to watch Godfather’s Advisor.

The only D’Amato name I really find strange and funny is Chang Lee Sun, which from what I remember reading, is because he was trying to make a knock off Asian film of some sort… which makes the name less peculiar knowing the reason

IMO nothing touches Miles Deem for an all around classic, solid pseudonym

This seems like as good a place as any…

Last night I was watching A Coffin Full of Dollars - “Demofilo Fidani presents… Directed by Miles Deem… Produced by Massimo Bernardi and Diego Spataro…” :-\

With Diego Spataro sounding a trifle Dick Spitfire-ish I presumed that this was probably another psuedonym for the “fiddler”.

But - the plot thickens… imdb gives Spataro his own page, and has him born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1948, whereas Sir Fidani was born in Sardinia in 1914. OK so far…

Hmmm! - Of the 15 proper films that Spataro has been involved in, 9 have also included Fidani as a contributor as well.
And - Spataro has done some of this stuff under HIS psuedonym of… (wait for it)… Dick Spitfire as well. :-\ :slight_smile:
This is both according to imdb and our own database on the Go Away, Trinity Has Arrived in Eldorado page (which utilises Fidani recycled clips).

So… is Diego Spataro really another Dick Spifire or are both these characters just really our man Fidani with yet another name for himself?

There ain’t much else out there about this Spataro fellah on the web… but he is meant to play himself in the documentary Joe D’Amato Totally Uncut - The Erotic Experience. Anybody seen it and noticed Spataro? Did he look young enough to be Spataro (meaning the swordsman/duellist) or old enough to be Spitfire (whatever that means)? :smiley:

By the way - I voted for Dick Spitfire in the poll (but there wasn’t a box to tick Spataro). :wink:

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I was about to say I’ve seen it but apparently I’ve seen only shortened version as a dvd extra. Complete version is available at cinemageddon.

Ironic is was called “Uncut” and then they cut it.
I ain’t party to the cinemageddon experience - maybe one of the other hombres can check this out?
It will probably involve breasts and furry things though :o so be careful!

Dick Spitfire is Diego Spataro: Arrivano Django e Sartana… è la fine and Scansati… a Trinità arriva Eldorado, directed by Fidani and Massaccesi respectively, were credited to him for different reasons.

In the first case because Arrivano Django e Sartana… è la fine and Inginocchiati straniero… I cadaveri non fanno ombra! were filmed simultaneously and a single director wasn’t authorized to do that, in the second case because Massaccesi didn’t want to appear as director. Initially he intended to play Spataro like a puppet from behind the scenes!

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Sean O’Neal gets my vote but mainly because, although I’d seen a few of his movies, I became aware of him as a director while viewing Shadow of Sartana. I put films in context of budgets, time available for pre/production/post, available locations, actors, etc… and Demofilo Fidani was stellar in terms of cranking out watchable flicks while simultaneously being a writer, producer, art director, set designer, and more as well. :+1:

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Diego Spataro is indeed a great name… maybe my new favorite

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I’ve seen this actress in a few of his films but just learned that Simonetta Vitelli is his daughter…and art director, writer, etc… Mila Vitelli Valenza is her mother.


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Yep, I posted about her in the hottest SW ladies thread a while back: Hottest woman in a sw screenshot thread

You’d think she’s Kinski’s daughter with those eyes

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Thanks for the link. A lot of beautiful women in SWs I’ve never seen…yet. :+1:

One damned day at dawn… an interview with Simone Blondell


The Barrel Full of Dollars dvd from Koch also features an interview with her
“Memories from the near West” with Fidani’s daughter (21 mins, Italian with German subtitles),


Nice article. Is Kevin Grant aka someone who posts here?

Yes, Kev used to post here regularly although not so much now.

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Slim Alone. Would’ve made a great American hobo moniker.

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At the risk of carrying coals to Newcastle: You’ve most probably already read Kevin Grant’s Any Gun Can Play. If not: it’s a comprehensive, reliable and well-written book.

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