Favorite Scene in a Spaghetti Western

There are certain scenes in spaghettis that are so cool that they send shivers up your spine. Just the power they emit. My favorite scene is the finale of The Forgotten Pistolero. It is just so cool. The burning hacienda and Leonard Mann sowly walking towards Alberto de Mendoza and filling him full of holes. Not to mentin the beautiful music. The best scene in any Spaghetti Western IMO.

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I know it’s a different kind of scene than the one you are describing but I love the “soup eating scene” in Cemetery Without Crosses. It is SO odd.

I know I have mentioned it before. It reminds me (slightly) of the scene in Sam Fuller’s Forty Guns where Barbara Stanwyk dines at a ridiculoulsy long table with her “gunmen”.

I know you like this scene too K.

You know me well R. :wink: I don’t necessarily meen action scene. Just any scene in general. So the soup eating scene is what I am talking about. I also love the end of CWC. The two walks. The walk to kill, and the walk to die. That sounds good. Thats what I’ll call this scenes from now on.

My Name Is Nobody, when Nobody is eating a frying pan full of beans with a serving spoon.
He’s just chowing them down.
I also like the scene in The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly when Tuco is running around in circles trying to find the graved marked Arch Stanton. You get raped up in the music and the dizzying effects of Tuco running, the music getting louder and faster.

RAPED UP?! You meen wrapped up.

Sorry for correcting you. I can’t really talk. Or maybe you actually meant raped.

[quote=“korano, post:5, topic:1446”]RAPED UP?! You meen wrapped up.

Sorry for correcting you. I can’t really talk. Or maybe you actually meant raped.[/quote]

Hey, you’re the last person to be correcting somebody’s spelling ! :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:
Just kidding amigo.

true true.

touche :wink:

Most recently… the whole early bar scene in Vengeance where this guy smashes a bottle and Richard Harrison kicks him in the neck.

I like:

The way Clint takes care of the four guys for making fun of his mule in FFD.

Clint and Lee sizing each other up and shooting each other’s hats in FFDM.

Tomas Milian Knife vs gun in Big Gundown

Stranger in Paso Bravo, Everybody thinks Steffen is a pantsy, until he reluctantly picks up a rifle and ends up shooting the whole gang up.

They Call him cemetery, Garko teaches the two bostoners how to shoot.

And got said to cain, the climatic mirror fight

The stranger, raf baldassare eats the chicken and laughs until he dies.

Sartana the gravedigger, Sartana and Kinski playing cards

Forgot to mention

Tepepa: Car chase/gunfight
Face to Face: Vigilantes charge
Massacre Time: Finale
Blindman: Cave killing
Matalo!: Stage robbery
Mannaja: General Store shootout
Beyond the Law: agon Chase/Gunfight
Four of the Apocalypse: End Shooting
Django, Kill: Surgery, Scalping, Horse Dynamiting
Man: Pride and Vengeance: Robbery
Keoma: Anything Slow Mo
California: Gost Town shootout
And God Said to Cain: Hamilton’s arrival

More to come eventually

Well this could become the longest thread ever. There are so many great scenes.

Hunchback match lighting in FAFDM
Ecstasy of Gold Tuco scene from TGTBATU
Opening sequence from OUATITW

All these have a claim but the one that sticks in my mind at the moment is possibly an unlikely one. It is the scene in Return of Ringo when Ringo has sneaked upstairs at the party and is rediscovering his old room and watching his daughter sleeping. Then Hally comes in, the light falls across his face and the theme tune builds up…bah bah baaah… It never fails to satisfy. Mushy and melodramatic maybe, but beautifully and effectively done and, like most of the best scenes in this film, done solely with pictures and music.

There are too much of them.

But the best are not surprisingly mainly out of Leone and Corbucci films. Both were too far ahead.

The one I particularly like is from the finale of the Big Gundown, when Milian kicks the rifle to Cleef.

The game of Pool around the beginning of Carambola is hilarious! The opening scene of Once Upon A Time In The West is incredible, for me cinema does’nt get any better. The end shootout in Keoma is truly great also.

A very underrated scene In my opinion is Woody Strode’s screaming death cry in Keoma.

Like you say there are so many great moments, here are a few that comes to mind to me:

Exchanging of hostages in Fistful with Marianne Koch embracing little Jesus

The whole intro scene to Matalo! where Corrado Pani is about to be hanged

The finale in the desert in Face to Face

The finale in Navajo Joe with Joe’s horse riding away alone

That is such a good one. Too bad it’s the best part of the movie.
The music kinda reminds me of Once Upon a Time In The West.
It is a scene rare for a Spaghetti because it is infused with FEELING.

One funny thing about this scene is the baddie who is shot by Rico Boido: he’s on a wire to be yanked (so he goes flying when he is gunshot) , but they yank the wire right BEFORE Rico shoots him.

This is one of my favorite scenes too.

I liked the death circle scene in ‘Train for Durango’ as well

When Clint is asking the Old Prophet for information in For a Few Dollars More ;).

Hehe, you like this one eh? :wink:

If we’re talking funny scenes I really like when Tuco is trying out pistols in the weapons shop :smiley: