Favorite duel scenes

A little poll, companeros. I just watched Il Mercenario gain and I thought i want to put the duel between Paco and Ricolo to a poll against some other famous shootouts… here you go.

But what about Blondie v. Angel Eyes v. Tuco? The classic SW duel of all time! Also, would you agree that a great theme tune can make a mediocre duel into a great one. For example, the duel at the end of No Room to Die.

yeah suggest a few more and I’ll update the poll. I just named a few that came to my mind -)

GBU should be the first that comes to your mind :stuck_out_tongue: dont include it though, it will win by a longshot, give these flicks a shot

i chose Monco vs Mortimer, the atmosphere, the moment, the place, the stake, its perfect

well… GBU is more like a mexican stand-off than a 1 on 1 duel, but yeah. keep them coming, I’ll include them all in the poll then

All good duels. I think the list could be almost endless. I know it’s a bit corny, but I also like Sabata (Brynner) versus the Murdocks. And for complete silliness, Hill versus Kinski in Nobody’s the Greatest!

Frank vs Harmonica for me, stunning.

The Saxons versus Lee Van Cleef (I can’t remember the character name) at the end of Il Grande Duello. Not much happens to be honest but it’s very stylish and the music is great. Those white suits and all those gates make it very memorable.

Also, check out the electricity pylons behind the Saxon brothers - kind of adds to the whole experience don’t you think? :wink:

[quote=“derringdo”]Clayton versus the three Saxons in Grand Duel,[/quote] Sorry I didn’t read your post before I did mine above! :-[

I love that one, I can watch it over and over, it’s so dramatic. Two very iconic characters.

[quote=“Johny Exhale, post:4, topic:126”]GBU should be the first that comes to your mind :stuck_out_tongue: dont include it though, it will win by a longshot, give these flicks a shot

i chose Monco vs Mortimer, the atmosphere, the moment, the place, the stake, its perfect[/quote]

I don’t think so. The others should have a chance. It is like Morricone in the composer poll…

My vote went to Il Mercenario, but I also love the others on the list, and also the duel in A Fistful Of Dollars, the settling of accounts in the desert in Face To Face and a whole bunch of other endings, they’re all great :slight_smile:

Oh, I just saw, that I didn’t vote yet. So I decided Corbett vs. Schulenberg. I love this one.

I prefer the duel in A Fistful of Dollars.I mean:
When a man with a 45 meets a man with a rifle, you said the man with a pistol’s a dead man. Lets see if that’s true. :o :o

went with the Mercenary just barely.

I like the the gothico- fantastico atmospheric ambiance during the duel between Claudio Camaso and Richard Harrison in Vengeance

Paco vs Ricolo (Il Mercenario) - I haven’t seen this one yet, but the DVD is right infront of me! With what everyone is saying about this, I can’t wait to see this… I love a good duel!

El Indio vs Mortimer (For a Few Dollars more) - The one at the beginning is just as good, but both are great.

Frank vs Harmonica (OUATITW) - This is a great duel, what else can you expect from Leone?

Django vs Rodriguez (Django) - Good, but not legendary.

Corbett vs Schulenberg (The Big Gundown) - Now this is worthy of a Leone film! I have the music in my head… I love it. The music being half Schulenberg’s theme (if I tried to name it, I’d probably be wrong) and half the Mexican theme – how can anyone not love this? The reason I won’t vote for it is because there’s not really anything personal between the characters, although that’s not always something that matters, and also it only lasts about a minute or so.

I guess the “duel” at the end of GBU isn’t really a duel, but it would have to take the cake as the best. I’ll have to go with Frank vs. Harmonica here.

Frank vs Harmonica for me. It’s interesting that you mention Corbett’s duel in Big Gundown but not Cuchillo’s. I like that one much more for some reason…


Frank vs Harmonica, with The 3-way battle at the end of GBU as a close second for me, even if it doesn’t technically qualify as a duel…

Went with the finale of FaFDM - the music, the setting, and Clint’s arrival to make sure Indio plays fair is perfect.

I voted! Guess what duel scene is my favourite. :wink: