Favorite duel scenes

Just voted too. Had to go with Indio v Mortimer…

Cannot choose. :smiley:

Paco vs Ricolo (Il Mercenario) - awesome, and the MUSIC! (I discovered this movie searching for the music from Kill Bill - thank Tarantino for let us know that these great movies exist - The Grand Duel, Death Rides A Horse…)

El Indio vs Mortimer (For a Few Dollars more) - the music… the athmosphere… the lines… the FACES… wonderful. I can hear the watch music the whole day. ;D (I think Indio began like this… and became mad.)

Frank vs Harmonica (OUATITW) - well, this one needs no comment - simply classic.

Django vs Rodriguez (Django) - good, but Rodriguez wasn’t an interesting villain.

Corbett vs Schulenberg (The Big Gundown) - I hate Für Elise, so I hated Schulenberg… ;D It’s a great duel, but how did Lee survive? He was seriously wounded…

one reason: Lee is a god!

But Lee died sometimes, too… :stuck_out_tongue: For example GBU…

Course he’s a god. He survived The Grand Duel, too…

[quote=“Sieglinde, post:24, topic:126”]But Lee died sometimes, too… :stuck_out_tongue: For example GBU…

Course he’s a god. He survived The Grand Duel, too…[/quote]

Yeah how he avoided getting seriously wounded in The Grand Duel is beyond me.

The cemetary, the rock, a cross with “unkown”…and the music…can’t beat the GBU…

Oh my god, how could you all forget the duel with the muzzleloaders on horseback with Talby in Day of Anger? That’s probably one of the coolest scenes I’ve ever seen in any spag.

It has to be Frank vs Harmonica (OUATITW) ! Just love that one ! Mortimer vs El Indio is runner up !

It is a great one. One of my favorite too.

Hmm, that’s one I don’t like very much. It’s in any case also a superfluous scene.

Hmm, one more to watch again for checking.

I voted for FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE. However, I think the duel between Musante and Palance in THE MERCENARY is great, too!
This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me, as FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE and THE MERCENARY are my favorite SW’s!

Another duel which is listed that I like just as much as the two I just mentioned is the duel between Harmonica and Frank in OUATITW. Brilliant stuff!

I do have one question…being a HUGE and long time fan of SW’s…please forgive my apparent ignorance; but, what duel does Django have with General Rodriguez in Corbucci’s film?
I have seen this film roughly 60 times I don’t remember such a thing.
There are definitely confrontations between the two; but, nothing like a duel takes place between them. The scene at the bridge is a confrontation…followed by a severe beating (meted out by Rodriguez’s men, not Rodriguez himself); but, that is no duel. In fact, because Rodriguez’s life had been saved in the past by Django—Hugo did not want to kill, much less duel, with the gringo.
The film does have some great duels in it, though!
There is the classic one between Major Jackson’s men…where Nero pulls the machine gun from the coffin (that one should have been listed, in my opinion, even though it is more of a complete massacre than a duel! ha ha!).
There is also the duel in the cemetery between Django, Major Jackson and the last of his henchmen (another classic moment for Western cinema!).

I wouldn’t call them duels, but here are a few Spaghetti Western gun-battles I absolutely love:

Mark Damon and Lawrence Dobkin facing off then suddenly joining together to wipe out all the bad gunmen near the end of JOHNNY YUMA.

The free-for-all street fight near the end of Corbucci’s THE SPECIALIST! This gun-battle is sudden, chaotic, clumsy, and confusing…just how they really were in the Old West. Magnificent stuff!

And all of those giant gunfights in ARIZONA COLT, too! It seems like that town never runs out of people to shoot! ha ha ha! Love it!

And there are tons more, to be sure.

Sancho and Steffen in Seven Dollars on the Red was fun. Big old Fernando swinging that baling hook and winding up in the water trough. (I hope I’m remembering that straight?)
And Robert Woods’ sit down afffair in the street with Gypsy’s gang in El Puro was a memorable one too.
But I’d probably still have to go with the predictable Indio vs Mortimer just for the watch chimes and classic music. It set a standard still not bettered I think.

Blondie, Setenza & Tuco (TGTBTU)
Loco & Silence (The Great Silence)
Harmonica & Frank (OUATITW)
Mortimer & Wild (FAFDM)
Paco & Ricciolo (Il Mercenari)

I love the final scene in Forgotten Pistolero but I don’t know if it counts as a duel since Sebastian already has his gun drawn.

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I chose For a Few Dollars More… along with Leones others duels, I also like the duel at the end of Train for Durango even though its a bit jokey.


my favourites are:

  2. Il Mercenario


Doc Simmi

I also like the duel in OUATITW because Bronson draws first. Proboly one of the very few SPW anti heroes to do so. Shobary also noticed this. Interesting use of flashback right in the middle of the tension part of the duel.

GBU will always be a favorite.

Yep…pretty good.

I really lovethe duel at the end of Dead Men Ride. Even if it is shameless imitation. :smiley: