Face to Face from Eureka?

[quote=“Major Clyde, post:20, topic:2582”]Amazon.co.uk is now reporting that the Eureka DVD of Faccia a faccia will be released on June 20, 2011.

(I get the impression that there will be two releases-- a DVD and a Blu-Ray. )[/quote]

:(:(:frowning: I was going to buy the DVD this week.

hello friends!

So what’s the deal with this blu-ray? Is it coming out or not? Amazon.uk has the dvd release for 6/20 and nothing for the blu-ray???


The Eureka website has the picture as a dual format release. However, they also list the release date as March 2011 so your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully, it’ll be hi-def.

DVD only. June 20th.

It has been cancelled and announced again like a million times over the past 8 months or so, sometimes BR, sometimes DVD and sometimes both. Right now it is only DVD and should remain so.

from the latest press release:

  • Original Italian audio with newly translated English subtitles,
  • US & Italian Theatrical trailers,
  • Interview with director Sergio Sollima, lavish 16 page booklet containing new essay by spaghetti western expert Howard Hughes

Londoners can catch a screening at the Rio Cinema on June 11.

But is this the UNCUT version?

According to Eureka, it’s uncut and runs at 102 minutes: http://eurekavideo.co.uk/classics/faccia-a-faccia-face-to-face/

I think it was suggested that they were originally going to release the cut version and then discovered there was another (superior) version in existence. The delay in release was therefore caused by the need to update what had been put together.

Amazon is still showing a runtime of 92 minutes, so this explanation rings true.

Personally, I can’t wait for this. Might even go see it at the Rio.

I got the check disc today. 107 minutes exactly. Italian only with English subtitles. 16 minute Solimma interview. US and Italian (actually a textless version) trailers. A booklet is mentioned but did not come with the check disc.

Italian only? Well that sucks. But thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

You going to post a review somewhere?

DVDBeaver. I just finished a comparison of Eureka and Dark Sky’s discs of WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? Before I can do FACCIA A FACCIA, I have to finish up reviews for Shout Factory’s ROBOT WARS/CRASH AND BURN and Eureka’s DEAD HOOKER IN TRUNK.

I’ll try to match some of your caps here tomorrow.

Thanks, I’d appreciate it if you can do that, please. Was thinking about asking it in the earlier post but decided not to bother you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why no English dub? There’s a good one out there, so they’re sort of inviting people to make their own edits.

Is the English language dub on the shorter version or is there one for the full version?

There’s a dub for the full version. The full version is the only one I’ve seen.

Yeah the Japanese disc has the full version but its not supposed to be very good (according to some people). I honestly can’t remember noticing anything wrong with it though… but my sound equipment sucks.

Eureka does know about it (at least they should since I mentioned it to them some months ago on the blu-ray.com forums) so maybe they just couldn’t get it for whatever reason.

I think cultcines bootleg uses a different audio source (the shorter cut from a vhs?) for most of the film.

It may be a rights issue for the audio. I imagine the Japanese disc is possibly non-anamorphic, and likely a PAL-NTSC transfer.

Very low levels in the opening scene as I recall.

I’ve finished my other reviews. I’ll take a look at the Eureka disc and make comparison caps Wednesday evening.

This is what one of Eureka’s employees answered at the blu-ray.com forumshttp://forum.blu-ray.com/united-kingdom/106707-eureka-masters-cinema-moc-discussion-thread-111.html#post4767881:

The English audio was taken from a sub standard source and, as with the hd master, just wasn’t up to scratch. There was a loud audible hiss and loads of pops that try as we did we just couldn’t make it work. This release has been a real effort for all involved, we are releasing it nearly 2 years after licensing it and after ploughing thousands of pounds into it. What we’ve arrived at is a release we are happy with, we would have loved to have had a blu-ray edition with both audio tracks but at this point in time it really isn’t possible. We’ve had people all the way up the line working on it including Grimaldi’s studio and we’ve just not been able to get all the elements. Hopefully we’re releasing a disc that people will enjoy.

As I probably mentioned somewhere months ago, their standards are high so even if we here would have been happy with something that is a bit better than the Japanese disc track (or even that just cleaned up a bit) it just isnt good enough for them. :wink: