Face to Face / Faccia a faccia (Sergio Sollima, 1967)

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The ~30 frames is made up from 24 frames so running time doesn’t change. Every frame is split into two fields (odd and even) and 2 out of every 5 frames is made up so that the fields are from different frames. This is not a very good way of presenting the movies (theoretically 40% of the movie looks like shit on newer displays :wink: ).

[size=7pt]Better way is to have the movie on the disc at 24fps progressive. Each frame only contains information from that frame and the movie can be played like that on all progressive displays (computer monitors, newer televisions) and if it is played on an interlaced display (older tvs) the player can convert the image into 30fps on the fly.

For example almost all of Wild Easts discs are presented in this interlaced 30fps manner (right now I can remember only one progressive disc, Death Rides A Horse) but… their discs are very often converted from a 25fps PAL source. I think (but maybe I’m wrong) it would be a very simple operation to just slow the whole film down by 1fps to 24fps and then release it progressive, but WE seems to (because the running times remain the same as the PAL source has) convert them into 30fps directly from the 25fps. So they have the crap frames from interlacing and as an extra the problem PAL has (audio pitch). All of the old SPO releases from Japan are also bad PAL to NTSC conversions.[/size]

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The movements on the screen are almost imperceptibly faster in PAL, and the worst thing is that 25fps cause also an incorrect sound reproduction.

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2 Disc

It says english audio and subtitles on the back of the cover


(ENNIOO) #164

Like the cover. Hope the english audio is an improvement on the old Japanese disc.

(RamonRed) #165

Has anyone seen this on Amazon?

I’m assuming it’s a Portugese disc, but only 93 minutes? I’d love to pick it up but i’m skeptical :-\

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[quote=“RamonRed, post:165, topic:566”]Has anyone seen this on Amazon?

I’m assuming it’s a Portugese disc, but only 93 minutes? I’d love to pick it up but i’m skeptical :-[/quote]

Its also fullscreen… At $25 for a questionable disc with fullscreen print, I’d just hold out for the German release linked above

(RamonRed) #167

It defenitly screams rip off. Too bad. I’ll keep waiting for the German DVD ;D

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I ordered the Eureka dvd last week.

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They must have cleaned up the garbled audio on that beginning sequence then - or got hold of a better version.

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[quote=“RamonRed, post:165, topic:566”]Has anyone seen this on Amazon?

I’m assuming it’s a Portugese disc, but only 93 minutes? I’d love to pick it up but i’m skeptical :-[/quote]

Image quality not totally bad, but yes its fullscreen

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If I have PAL and NTSC versions of the same movie encoded correctly from the same original source, will the PAL one be better quality (albeit faster) because it is at 576p rather than 480p?

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If I have the Eureka release is the Explosive Media one worth getting for the English dub?

(Wilco Vedder) #173

I like the movie from the first time I saw it. I must have the “Moviedrome introduction” by Alex Cox somewhere on a tape.

I finally got time to see my Explosive media DVD. There are some scenes added that I did not see before on my VHS tape, these scenes were in Italian and with subtitles. In total there is about 15 minutes extra.

The first scene is one of the hide-outs where during a lightning storm the bullet is removed from Beauregard. First he wants Brad to do this but he cam’t so he does it himself.
Very quickly afterwards we see him back on his feet practicing drawing, aiming and shooting. Here Brad tries to shoot with a gun also (the second time after the shooting of the chains)
When a rabbit passes Fletcher is unable to shoot at it while Beauregard is shooting it without thinking (nice dying scene of the rabbit :D)
This mising scene sets Beauregard as a tough bandit with several hideouts. He kills the rabbit with no necessity as there is food enough. He was practicing guns from his youth.

This scene is in contrast with a later scene (also added towards my tape version) where Beauregard challenges Brad to a duel in the hideout camp. There Brad is able to draw against Beauregard and we see that he has changed in his manners.

After the bank robbery in jail we see that Beauregard finally meets Zachary. He tells Beauregard that a temporary flaw is possible as he was captured without even shooting somebody but that he will be on his feet again very quickly and be the wolf he was before. This is followed by the vigilantes which will ride out to the hideout. Siringo is not willing to lead them as he does not want to be part of the massacre he suspects will take place.
Here I have some question marks:
Somehow Zachary must have noticed that Beauregard has changed and I suppose that is the reason why he is leading the vigilantes. This still does nt explain why he is so murderous
Ver quickly thereafter Beauregard is escaped from jail but I still do not know how he did that

With the added scenes towards the VHS tape I have the change of the characters become more acceptable.
This Explosive media DVD has goor English dubbing, only the added scenes are in Italian with subtitles. Annoying is that the subtiltles are pretty far below the movie so I had to scroll the picture partly out of the TV in order to read the bottom line.
At the bonus DVD there is an interview with Sollima and Milan which I still have to see.

(ENNIOO) #174

First time I viewed the film was in the Moviedrome season, and remember not being happy about them showing a shorter version of the film.

(Reza) #175

Here’s a screen from my dvd…what do u think? do u have the better one?

(Jonny Powers) #176

Are the extras on the Explosive DVD English friendly at all?

(Reza) #177


and the lang is german and italian

(Jonny Powers) #178

[quote=“Reza, post:177, topic:566”]No,…

and the lang is german and italian[/quote]

Damn. Well, worth it for the movie alone?

(Reza) #179

Yea…and it has not any eng subtitles… :slight_smile:

(Jonny Powers) #180

No subs for the bonus features or for the movie? Cause the DB says there’s english friendly options for the movie…?