Face to Face / Faccia a faccia (Sergio Sollima, 1967)

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I skimmed through this thread since I haven’t seen the film yet and didn’t want to read any spoilers, but I have a dvd that’s 100 minutes long (NTSC) and I’ve seen there’s also a 106 minutes version. I was wondering if anybody knows any details of these two versions.

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It sounds to me like it could be the Spanish version just poorly converted from PAL to NTSC (despite the resolution and framerate the length is still in PAL resulting in some ghosting artifacts).
Just guessing but the old (cut) Spanish disc has a length of 1:40:11.

All the supposedly uncut versions (length varies by even 30 seconds but it can be just down to some studio logos or blackness at the end or start) are over 106 minutes in PAL (even the old Japanese disc which barely makes it over 107 minutes by a few seconds).

I seem to remember the scenes (or at least some of them) mentioned somewhere but uh… don’t know where. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re probably missing too much with that version though, if I remember correctly one good scene in the fields is missing as is a scene with Linda Veras near the end.

EDIT: The field scene mentioned above is from the Big Gundown and NOT Face to Face. :-[

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Well, this dvd does have a Spanish audio track so it’s probably that Spanish print you’re talking about. I was wondering if the cuts were due to violence or just to cut off a certain character/subplot or whatever.

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Damnit, I actually mixed this one and the Big Gundown… the field scene I mentioned is missing from the Spanish Big Gundown disc and not Face to Face. Sorry about that. :-[

Linda Veras scene(s) is from Face to Face though. I just can’t really describe it without spoiling. :wink:

Not sure if they mention all the cuts but the DVDCompare has three mentionedhttp://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=4156 (but no reading unless you have seen the film :wink: ). Two they mention don’t really seem to be anything you’d really need. And while the Linda Veras parts near the end add something to the film, I wouldn’t say they are necessary if you can watch it only without them. Some might disagree?

Then again I wouldn’t personally watch it cut like that… (but easy for me to say since I own it uncut)


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I like the theme of switching the bad guy with the good guy, it’s a nice idea, but i think Volonte’s character becomes a bastard way too sudden. He just goes out and rapes a woman just like that? Also, his illness is pretty much gone by the second half of the movie. These details keep me from liking this movie a lot more.

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After seeing it a 3rd time, i’d agree, I think the film is too dialogue heavy… viewing it again and knowing what was going to happen, just wanted it to get to the point already.

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That isn’t a big flaw for me. Even if the development is a bit too sudden, I still love this movie and the ending is simply a poetry. It’s much moral than most spaghettis as well. Top 10 stuff for me… 8)

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Watched this yesterday - I like this film (love the music) but there’s sections missing from my Cultcine disc that take away from it…did I see somewhere recently that this is or will be available on Blu-Rey, and does anyone know if it’s a complete cut?

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It’s not on Blu-ray yet to my knowledge, but I think you’re refering to last year’s Eureka release:

According to Alex Cox (who is not always reliable), the full length cut of Face to Face no longer exists.

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[quote=“John Welles, post:149, topic:566”]It’s not on Blu-ray yet to my knowledge, but I think you’re refering to last year’s Eureka release:

According to Alex Cox (who is not always reliable), the full length cut of Face to Face no longer exists.[/quote]
Is this version the longest cut available or the cultcine’s version is the longest one?

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According to Amazon, the Eureka release is 92 minutes long- I hope that helps.

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According to the database it runs 107 minutes, and the film runs 111 minutes. Anyone knows how long the Koch Media one runs?

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According to Amazon.de, the Koch Media release runs 111 minutes.

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Suppose the Koch Media version is the longest then.

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OK, thanks chaps.

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I have 3 versions of this film and they all run 107 minutes. That includes the Eureka! release too so not sure what Amazon are thinking. If the Koch version has an extra 4 minutes I’d be interested to know what new stuff is included.

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Amazon probably has the runtime of the shorter (UK) cut that Eureka was first going to release (on Blu-Ray too… :\ ).

Koch disc is also around 107 minutes. This is PAL speed, if it were NTSC it would be ~111 minutes.

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I suppose I’ll buy Eureka release then, as the screens from DVD looks pretty good and seems this is the only release that can be bought easily at the moment by amazon.

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Guess it could be that the runtime listed in the DB is NTSC format, and the uncut runtime in PAL format is 107 minutes.

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Well, I’m not an expert, but I think NTSC (29 or 30 fps) runs quicker than PAL (25 fps), so it should be the other way round. Even the movements on a screen seem to be much faster in NTSC.
I may be wrong though.