Face to Face / Faccia a faccia (Sergio Sollima, 1967)

Face To Face / Faccia A Faccia (1967 Sergio Sollima)

Saw this the other night with English audio for the first time, incredible movie, definitely in my top ten SWs. Totally gripping from start to finish, your feelings towards each of the three main characters change from scene to scene. Great cinematography and spine chilling music. Why isn’t this movie more widely available on DVD with English audio? I had to get the Japanese import, even though it’s not anamorphic and the English audio breaks up a little in places, it’s worth every penny IMO.
What are your thoughts on this movie?

For more info visit:
DATABASE PAGE: Faccia a faccia - The Spaghetti Western Database (spaghetti-western.net)

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a great film, i love the Morricone soundtrack, it is very well made and i like the way that Milian and Volonte end up swapping roles, i also have the Japanese dvd, why did they stop them macaroni box sets?

They’ve started releasing them again, here’s a link to the SPO website http://www.cinemart.co.jp/macaroni/#01

i have all the box sets apart from the Giuliano Gemma one (it has no English on any of the films) and the Trinity one (just never got round to getting it).

are they actualy going to release some different films or just repackaging the old lot because the only one i see that they didn’t release before is Django.

i wonder if they have been remastered and contain more extras or are they just a rehash of the previous releases? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:5, topic:566”]i wonder if they have been remastered and contain more extras or are they just a rehash of the previous releases? :)[/quote]i have just checked on www.cdjapan.co.jp and it does say they are remastered, i’ll wait until it is know whether it is worth upgrading or not.

Face to Face is excellent film. My favorite Sollima film and definite top10 stuff.

Gian Maria is excellent, as always. Not just anyone could’ve pulled that role off so well.

I think the fact that Sollima only made three spaghettis probably works to his favour. Perhaps had he done seven or so, they wouldn’t have all been so good. All of his spaghettis are just so awesome. Then again, had he made around five to seven spaghettis, he might just have been able to solidify himself as the “number two” SW director in consensus.

I have the KOCH media edition, and while I agree that the movie is absolutely amazing, their release is less-than-perfect as typos abound in the subtitles coupled with a frustrating jump at the movie’s whiz-bang finale. I’m starting to think that maybe I should have looked into buying a DVD-R of the SPO edition.

The english audio (someone may have already mentioned this!) is not all that HOT in the SPO version at times.

To see Volonte and the Great Milian work together in a spaghetti is magnifico!    I see a lot of so\ so films here rated "in my top ten", this one is certainly deserving.

Just finished watching this film and, as always, I was blown away by Sollima’s work. In my opinion he is second only to Leone for visual artistry and out performs the great one when it comes to depth of character and thought provoking narratives. All this and he still delivers great action scenes. What a talent.
Credit must also go to Sergio Donati who co scripted this one with Sollima. As well, of course, to Morricone for another spectacular score.
A Great film.

Yes, this one is a great movie! Sollima is a great director without doubt.

milian’s wig is ridiculous, though. haha

yes, i think his moustache is funny too :stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite SOLLIMA western as it is so fascinating watching how the characters change in this one.

One of the very best - I do believe this another of the series that they showed on tv when I was a kid that got me into the genre. Adios Sabata and Django being 2 of the others. I’ve got the Sollima box version and choose to watch it in italian (rather than German) with subs - but I’d love to see it dubbed to English. Which version… ? Or should I stick with Koch and the subs?

Actually, as previously mentioned in this thread, the english audio is not that great. It warbles in and out in places. I’d stick with the italian with english subs if I were you.

Yeahh…I think the wigmaker graduated from the LVC School of Hairpieces :wink:

One thing I never got how the hell did bennet(Tomas Milan) get out of prison? ??? The version I watched must have been cut.