Face to Face / Faccia a faccia (Sergio Sollima, 1967)

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Thank you, Silver :slight_smile:

I liked Bullet for the general, but I think that in terms of character psychology Face to face is better written - and it shows in the actors’ performances, IMO. Plus I think that GMV really gave his best when he had to play apparently respectable men with a (very) dark side, and Fletcher definitely fits into the category.

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It was definitely interesting to watch Face to Face after having seen Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and A Bullet for the General so many times. What got me was seeing him pretend he didn’t know how to use a gun, when in the other westerns he did, firing a gun was so natural to him.

Great film, I would however like to see a restoration of the English audio.

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Agree. And that holds true in much of his work outside the Western genre – Investigation of a Citizen Above Citizen being perhaps the ultimate example.

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My favourite Sollima western by far. Viewed the Cultcine release which although good picture quality, the english audio track I thought had more hiss than the Japanese release, even though I take it Cultcine used the Japanese release for the english track. This film really does need a decent official release with improved english audio in my view.

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I agree with you on two points: This is my favorite Sollima Western by far and this film really does need a decent official release with a better English audio track.

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I wonder if a better English track even exists.

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This is the question.

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I have the Japanese disc and the English audio really isn’t that great - especially the beginning where it sounds like they’re underwater! I thought Cultcine was championing the fact that they cleaned issues like this up?

I’d like a nice English audio track too but, as I said earlier, this is the only Sollima that I’ll accept watching in Italian due to Volonte and Milian both providing their own voices. Having said that, this is conversely my least favorite Solima so I am not overly concerned.

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It isn’t a matter of if a better English track exists, rather it is a matter of where! Whoever owns the rights to the English language version of the film undoubtedly has the master recordings.
Ulrich Bruckner said that Koch Media “couldn’t afford” the licensing rights to the English language version and that was why their release didn’t have it. So, it surely exists.

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This is what I thought before I viewed the Cultcine dvd r.

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Finally had a chance to see this one. Watched it in English (to hear Milian’s performance, plus the guy who dubbed Volonte did a very good job) with the subtitles on so I could catch the parts which were hard to understand.

Welcome to my SW Top 20 list Face To Face!

For me this film rivals Sollima’s The Big Gundown. Both held my attention every second, were full of surprises, and had some oddball - almost surreal sequences.

I noticed in this thread some felt the film was preachy. I have to respectfully diagree. The professor (Volonte) is inentionally written and played as an out of touch elitist pacifist. And the film seems very anti-pacifist. As he sheds his urban elite manners we find meet his inner fascist.

It similar in a way to The Bounty Killer, where the bounty hunter comes across as a self-righteous moralist at the beginning. Not a villian, but not a sympathetic character. This is done intentionally so the audience, like the residents of the pueblo, can change allegiance during the course of the film.

Neither film is to me ‘preachy’ even if they have characters who initally are pompous and ‘preachy.’

Anyway, so glad I had the opportunity to see this excellent film.

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[quote=“Mortimer, post:72, topic:566”]Welcome to my SW Top 20 list Face To Face!

Anyway, so glad I had the opportunity to see this excellent film.[/quote]

Glad you liked this one!
I believe it is my favorite Sollima film.

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I like this one a lot. It’s a top 10 in my book.
I’ve got 2 Divisa editions, my favourite it’s the oldest release, cause they used this poster:

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I started watching this yesterday and found it to be excellent. Volonté is a extreamly versatial actor, able to play psychopathic bandits (For a Few Dollars More) and here a pacifist proffesor. Milian is very good as the bandit and this film will easily slip into my Top 10 Spaghetii Westerns.

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Yes, I agree with you. The movie is great.
A character study in a spaghetti Western. Very rare.
Also in my top 10

And the claim of the film is recognized. In Germany there is a Catholic Film Commission. And Face to Face is the only one of the spaghetti western is recommended there. So Amigos, God gives his approval. :wink:

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I don’t know if he rather is a whimp than a pacifist.

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Well he’s no whimp later on. I think while he was a Professor he just buried his dark, violant side inside himself.

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And therefore he is no pacifist. QED

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Well, perhaps he was one at one point, but when he met Milian his violant self unearthed within him.