Face to Face / Faccia a faccia (Sergio Sollima, 1967)

(The Man With a Name) #221

As good as it gets, I think. Sounds a bit hissy during some of the scenes that were reinserted but I don’t think there’s a better release available.

(Novecento) #222

Yeh - way better than the old Japanese DVD which was the best English option until the Explosive release


I wonder if they used the same source that Cultcine used. My first copy was hissy throughout the entirety of the run time. He later emailed me saying he got a cut version on vhs and used a majority of that, the cut scenes remained hissy, but most of it sounded great. Not sure if it was uncut or not as far as the entire run time. I read in another thread that the Explosive Media release had missing scenes, but read elsewhere it was uncut and dipped into Italian every once and a while.

(autephex) #224

So is the Explosive blu ray currently the best version available of this film? I am currently going through my collection and getting rid of stuff I don’t need to keep any more, also why I’ve been posting screen comparisons of films, and I’m trying to wrap my head around all the different version of this title.

Seems several of the good quality blus are cut versions… which is the best full version of the film?


I can’t say it’s the absolute best version with certainty but I’ve watched Face to Face via a bootleg years ago (I think it was the now defunct CultCIne’s version), the Explosive DVD and the Explosive Blu and it’s definetely the best version I’ve seen so far. I’m pretty sure it’s the full version as well.

(autephex) #226

Thanks, Bill. I have the Explosive DVD and was trying to figure out what the best blu is… also wondering what the chances are of new blus appearing soon since this film is constantly being re-released. I’m in the US and the KL blu seems to be cut

(The Man With a Name) #227

Explosive is the way to go.