Face to Face / Faccia a faccia (Sergio Sollima, 1967)

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I do have the Once Upon a Time in the Italian West book, but it seems that the booklet contains info mostly exclusive to it.

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Okay, sorry, bad guess.

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Where did you hear it was originally 150 mins? Sollima said it was originally 140 mins in the Amarcord interview.

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140 minutes is correct, sorry.

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I’d like to help out but we are currently having a load of renovations done on the house and my entire DVD collection is packed away in boxes. I’ll see if I can get my hands on the Eureka release you’re after if it is accessible amongst all the mayhem which is my house currently. I can’t promise anything though. It could be buried too deep.


I might watch this again, but upon first viewing it did not impress me. The first half seemed to drag on, ( until they rob a train) then the film started to pick up the pace. The bank robbing scene was a bit of a let down, as we’re
the film two scenes showing a women getting beat ( neither shot well.) Decent score, with a nice scene or two ( shot in the desert), acting across the board wasn’t bad,( filed with a number of spaghetti veterans ,) but the film is a B-, C+ for me, and the uncut version won’t change that.

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Watch the uncut version next time. If you want the uncut English language version, get the German Explosive DVD! The cut version isn’t worth anybody’s time. The uncut version is the only one I have ever watched.


It’s pretty mind blowing how much stuff they cut out. I like the part where Brad tries to remove the bullet from Bea.

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And the scene where Berger shoots the sheriff. In the cut version, the corpses are still visible with no explanation.

Watch it uncut before you say that! If I had watched the cut version, I wouldn’t have had a high opinion of the film, either, but this is one of the best spaghetti westerns ever made and the cut scenes make a big difference.


Will do. Their is a bonus piece ( which is actually the Italian cut, with longer running time and English subtitles available as as extra option on my disc). I’ll try to get it in before the post man shows up. Today I’m dedicated to watching Mulholland Dr (2001) directed by David Lynch, tomorrow I’m dedicated to Violent Shit ( yes the fantastic micro budget horror collection is finally available on DVD here in North America for the first time, well first time I’ve been able to find it) and I’ve yet to get through Run Man Run, but that is also on my list.


It’s sad that 2 of Sollima’s 3 westerns were mutilated like this.

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“Run Man Run” probably would have been equally butchered in its English language release if it had ever been given a proper theatrical release in English speaking territories.

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The first UK video release is completely uncut and in English. I also have the German Blu-ray, which is absolutely essential for fans of this film since it gives you the option of watching the full length version in Italian or English. The second disc includes the US theatrical version but who cares about that rubbish? :grin:


The Explosive blu-ray is great. It’s not often you get to watch restored spaghetti western scenes in English.

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Reminds me a little of ‘Breaking Bad’.


Glad I’m not the only person whose noticed the similarities.


Finally found the time to re-watch a couple more spags and I gave this one another viewing. It’s still a film I’m very fond of even though I’m in the minority who prefers Run Man Run, I just think the deleted scenes which are really obvious and leave some unanswered questions (like Bennet escaping from jail), hold this one back a bit. Still a great spag though overall, Sollima was and still is such an underrated director.


Is the Explosive Media blu ray region free?

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According to the SWDB it is:


Can’t find anything written on the cover though.


How is he English audio in the Explosive Media Blu Ray?